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What do you think are the signs of an emotionally mature relationship?

What do you think are the signs of an emotionally mature relationship?

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  1. Having your own lives.

    Couples who spend every free second together likely aren’t as mature or strong as a couple who have their own friends, hobbies, and goals outside of the relationship.

  2. Look at how they fight. If they can conflict and land on a resolution without needing to raise their voice or escalate, that’s pretty good sign if emotional maturity.

  3. Not going to social media for venting/validation.

    Being able to talk about what’s bother each other without going through a cycle of hurt feelings and fighting before the ultimate resolution.

  4. Having your own lives, not having to spend every waking minute talking or hanging out, trust, communication, when problems happen you fix them instead of break up immediately, compatibility across the board in values, morals, sex etc. When you have discussions it doesn’t devolve into name calling and other bullshit….

  5. When you have open communication about anything and everything.

    Also, when you’re able to let the past stay where it belongs (particularly when it’s past from before they met you – typically it means you’re insecure, jealous or both).

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