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What do you think about being self conscious about your body? How did it affect you and what is absolute bul lshit?

The cultural standards of what is considered a “perfect” body changed a lot over history and nowadays due to media and a generalization of male beauty there is one body type that is considered “perfect:

Tall, V shaped muscular with a square features and almost no body hair.

Have you tried to archive this, sometimes unrealisitic, goal? How did it make you feel?

I think we get left out a little talking about how body shaming actually is affecting us and how little we talk about it.

There are quidelines for a healty weight and all that, but many of those rules are standardized and not applicable. Just train a bit and you are overweight or even though you feel good and healthy they call you underweight.

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What’s your go on this?

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  1. Being self conscious sucks. My two main problems is my acne that makes me feel ugly and I have a disability, which sometimes makes me feel unlovable. I don’t compare myself with those beauty “standards”, I don’t suffer for not having a perfect beard, of abs or that V line. My insecurities come from not having legs and not being able to be like everyone else.

  2. Well before the invention of the ‘metro man’ I shaved parts of my body. Not because I wanted to live up to standards, but because I disliked hair hanging down from my armpits or a genital bush. At the time people found it strange. So be it.
    I go to the gym twice a week. Have done so for 20 years. The goal is not really to have the obligatory sixpack, but to have as little back problems as possible. The rest is extra and I don’t put in the (diet, etc.) effort to look like the men in movies.
    I’m probably underweight. My family is pretty skinny and I can’t eat much. I don’t mind too much about appearance, feeling healthy is a better goal (especially because my face and personality don’t fit the ‘perfect man standard’ anyway).

  3. The so called perfect body is naturally not attainable for most people. And also not desired by most woman. I go lifting and running 4 times a week, have a matching diet and am a generally active person.
    To get a sixpack, I would need to starve for prolonged times because my genetics are a bitch.

    So I don’t have one and the world turns. Do sport for your own enjoyment and to keep healthy but never try to chase trends.

  4. It’s not great man. Because I’m anorexic I’m always paranoid about gaining weight so I have to work out and eat less. Recently I’ve been starving myself because I haven’t had much chances to exercise and I hate it.

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