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What do you miss about being younger?

What do you miss about being younger?

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  1. Nothing. My life was not interesting, didn’t have that many friends, and I was that chubby kid. My life is better than it has ever been right now, really. Despite the fact that I have a lot more responsibilities and such I find that having chores and duties gives me purpose. Before I had no purpose. Now I have some purpose.

  2. Opportunity. Don’t get me wrong I’m not say something clichéd like “ you can do anything you want” but when you are young you have many more choices and directions your life can go. As time goes on, you get married have kids, get a mortgage. The responsibilities start to add up, and your opportunities start to diminish. For the record I’d like to say I’m very happy with the direction my life went. However I do something miss the unknown and the what if’s.

  3. Waking up early to watch cartoons and eat cereal

    Out every evening riding BMX till the streetlights came on

    No cameras everywhere to film the dumb shit you did

  4. Once you’re old, people start to hate you just because you’re old.

    “I don’t have to respect you just because you’re old.”

    “Being older than me doesn’t mean you’re smarter than me.”

    “Experience doesn’t count for shit. You’re not experienced, you’re obsolete.”

    And of course…

    “OK, boomer”

    I don’t miss being treated with respect. I miss being treated with indifference.

  5. I miss a lot of the hale, youthful body stuff but if I’m being honest I wouldn’t trade it for how I have grown, matured and acquired a measure of wisdom over the years.

  6. Friends that were able and interested in doing stuff spontaneously beyond sitting and watching TV. Most of my friends are tied down with various responsibilities now and can’t just do impromptu get-togethers and when they can, they want to do something passive rather than going out and doing stuff.

  7. Lack of responsabilities, time to enjoy your friends freely, and that feeling that you have still plenty of time until the milestones of something “big” in life (love, work, house, kids and so on)

  8. Frankly, being naive.

    I would say happiness, but that’s a little bleak, and I still mostly enjoy living, but stuff I’ve learned about the world and society have given me a lot of things to hate, causing a lot of stress and anxiety.

  9. life isn’t so generous for some of us my mother was in her late 30s when she gave birth to me and died in 2018 boy I would give anything to be 10 again and spent another decade with my mother but yea

  10. A lot.

    * Being able to play video games all day and be completely happy and content. In middle school my perfect day was waking up early, playing Runescape for 14 hours, and going back to bed. As an adult I’m lucky to get an hour into a game before getting bored.
    * Having friends that live close to me, are on the same schedule as me, and do not require 2 weeks of planning to get together. I miss getting calls at 4pm on a Saturday night saying ‘We are setting up a LAN party at X’s house, come over!”. I miss hanging out at the flag pole after school and talking for 30 minutes to 1.5 hours before heading home. I miss friends ringing the doorbell at 11:30am on a day off from school asking to hang out. It was all so spontaneous and organic and I miss that freedom in adult life.
    * Being surrounded by people my own age at school and put in a perfect position to socialize. Meeting friends and girls was a breeze. The workplace is so much harder to make any connections and even with workplace friends, I only talk to them 10% of the day max where as in school it was probably 50% of the day.
    * No responsibilities.

  11. Not writing if a health issue or hurting myself will result in a life changing situation or just go away ;

    Went to sleep two weeks ago with buzz in my left ear. As a kid I would have ignored this and kept going. Now two weeks later, that buzz is still there (I’ve gone to doctors) and now I’m scared it will effect me and sleeping forever… Give me back my health!

  12. Spending all day with my brothers just playing games. I still play games and see my brothers from time to time but we all are starting to have jobs and get to see each other less and less .

  13. Then the Sphinx said to Oedipus: “You must answer my second riddle. When you are young you have energy and time but no money. When you are middle aged you energy and money, but no time. When you are old you have money and time but no energy. When do you have energy, money and time?”

  14. Just the freedom and opportunity. My biggest worry back then was “what game shall I play today”?


    Now, we all seem to inherit an absolute shit-storm AKA being an adult.

  15. I miss the feeling that anything is possible if you work hard enough. I’ve been working since my teens and have learned repeatedly that it’s not always the case.

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