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What do you like about women in sundresses?

What do you like about women in sundresses?

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  1. All my reasons for liking women in sundresses are almost completely sexual.

    I genuinely like the way my wife looks when wearing them, but I also like the fact that the sex options are much more varied than they would be if she were wearing shorts, or yoga pants. Just pull the dress up and you are good to go. You hear the kids coming, Just step back and she is already dressed.

  2. Feminine. Modest. Association with warm summer days.

    All wrapped into a slight hint of naughty due to the fabric being thin, the dress being easy access and the r/WtSSTaDaMiT factor.

  3. is that a trick question haha

    I think men like attractive girls in anything, with a sundress you are also adding that flair of innocence, sort of a “daughter of a local dairy farmer rides her bicycle down the country road as you are repairing your Ducati in the late summer heat of Provence and you end up doing it in the haystack next to your garage” in a 1969 Eurofilm kind of vibe

  4. It’s feminine. They usually look stylish.

    I am so sick of seeing women that wear leggings all the time. It’s so low effort. It’s fine for working out, but that’s it.

    The light washed baggy distressed denim they are all wearing now is horrible too. Summer dresses are just so classy.

  5. I love how the dresses conform to the wearers body. Thin material that almost looks painted on. The way their breasts are squeezed in the top often braless. The soft exposed skin of her neck and shoulders. How tight it fits around the torso and curves around her hips. The way the bottom blows in the wind or when she is walking. How nice it makes her ass look as she strolls down the street. How they are slightly transparent and on a sunny day you can see the outline of her legs. Whats not to like about them?

  6. en mi caso particular desprende una aura atractiva que no sabria describir con palabras, una cosa es segura, me es atractivo romanticamente hablando, pero en el ambito sexual la atraccion es muy poca

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