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What do you guys think of beach bopping as a first date?

I’m having a first date with a girl I just met and I was wondering if beach hopping with coffee/ice cream is a good first date idea. We live in vancouver where there are a lot of beaches nearby the west end/downtown are. Should I take her to that kind of date and would it seem fun??

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  1. I was lurking but it seems like a woman’s view here could be useful for the big blindspot I see.

    To be direct: many women prefer to meet a guy for a first date where they feel they won’t get murdered and can tell people where they are for safety so this idea may come off as a very unsafe plan from her perspective (in your car, many spots, hard to tell when where) even if it sounds fun. It’s not personnal she doesn’t know you so she will worry for her safety, too many women get attacked, murdered, assaulted on dates (yeah for real) so most of us prefer a place that feels safer. They won’t say “no thx I’d prefer this coffee shop I know and love in case you are a psycho” but they most likely will think about it a bit.

    I’d suggest something more like a walk on beach X that is accessible and where people are too (not a meet me in a dark corner in the woods type of invite you know?)

    I think it’s a good idea but not for a first date, unless you already know her well which isn’t the case. Then again she may accept

  2. That sounds like a great idea. It’s different, not high pressure and you can basically just act like you’re hanging out. Maybe even meet up with some other people after a little while if it’s going well and you think it has potential. Way to think outside the box!

  3. Outside of the solid advice to bring a backpack.full of necessities, do your darndest to keep your focus on her.

    * Beach + some random hottie in a thong = unconscious head-turn

  4. Depends how good you are at talking while people watching. If you’re a charismatic talker, dates like that are perfect. Dates like going to the movies are for those who lose points when they speak.

  5. I think it sort of depends. Personally I’d be weary of coming across like I want to ogle them in a swimsuit. It feels kind of revealing for a first date

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