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What do you do to help you focus on a task no matter how boring or hard it is?

What do you do to help you focus on a task no matter how boring or hard it is?

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  1. Make sure I have some sort of reward for doing part of the task. It sounds like the most childish thing ever, but the concept of a visible work-reward system seems very effective to me.

    The reward could be anything I’d want to do instead of doing that task. And if it’s something that’s not necesarilly physical, it’s always good to take very short rests in between the smaller achievements.

  2. I know this sounds like a joke, but take a break. Walk away for a bit and refresh, have a coffee/beer/smoke/joint/quickie/shit/shower whatever gets your mind right.don’t procrastinate, leave yourself enough time to get it done including a couple brakes

  3. Usually I procrastinate for a little bit, it depends how long. But then I say to myself: “I’m only going to do a little of this task, then procrastinate or relax”

    Usually about 5-10 mins into whatever I’ve gotta do, I end up not stopping.

    It’s a dumb trick but works

  4. I usually give myself some nice rewards or incentives to finish something boring – for instance, if I have an unfinished project, I might make a deadline for myself and then “reward” myself by spending a day or a half day (depending upon what my wife agrees to) for just “me time”.

    During my single days, I used to reward myself to a nice meal or going for a football game or something, which were be kinda expensive.

  5. Take occasional breaks. Try to find some way to make it into a game. If it’s something that doesn’t take too much mental thought and can be done fairly automatically, try listening to some music or a podcast.

  6. My anger is a volatile thing early on in life i harnessed it quickly. It became a tool and not a weapon if I’m showing that I’m angry I’m fine and still approachable if I’m quite doing something boring or hard run away.

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