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What do y’all wear?

I have little to no fashion sense. I’m 21 and have dressed the same way as long as I can remember. Black jeans, black vans, and whatever tshirt I have available.

I have no idea where to even begin to start wearing new types of clothes

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  1. Just go into a slightly better store with good service an be like:

    “I would like to buy one outfit please.”

    Give em free reign and see whats going to be put together for you.

  2. Simplify what you wear. I got many solid color T’s and polos, which will work well with any kind of pants or shirts you wear. Stop buying graphic or logo shirts and dressing anywhere will be so much easier

  3. I am pretty basic and enjoy my standardized wardrobe. I buy multipacks of black/grey XL V-neck T-shirts from Target or Walmart, black jeans or athletic shorts, and black gym shoes. Black hoody in the winter time. I don’t like shirts with symbols or art/brands. And my mom said it was just a phase lol

    Wear whatever makes you comfortable! Balance between fashion and function

  4. I think you should wear what makes you comfortable.

    I personally currenlty like a pair of nice grey chinos matched colored polo. If its hot a pair of chino shorts. Make sure it fits correct and isn’t to big or to small. That will go a long way.

    Just search for something that you think will look nice or want to try out.

  5. Remember the simple rule: Women are taught something in fashion everyday. Men are taught fashion maybe 4 hours their entire life.

    So find a woman to help you out.

  6. I would consider my style simple. I like to wear jeans (cuffed), a solid color t-shirt, and some new balance shoes. Ill occasionally switch out the new balance for some boots.

    Get some ideas before going shopping. Do this by using pinterest. This is what I did when I started to get serious about my style back in high school. If youre looking for seasonal outfits, then search up something along the lines of “men’s summer fashion 2021”. Just keep scrolling until you find something. The cool thing about pinterest is that once you click on a photo (aka pins), it’ll bring up similar results. Likewise, look at the mannequins in clothing stores. Some of them usually have a nice outfit put together.

  7. Work: black pants, black dress shoes, black belt, and white, gray, or blue dress shirts. Sometimes a sweater over it in the winter.

    Home: shorts, t-shirt, and flip-flops if I have to go outside. Swap out the shorts for jeans or sweatpants and throw a hoodie or flannel shirt over the t-shirt in the winter.

    Going out: jeans, long-sleeve button-down shirt (sleeves rolled up in the summer), shoes dependent on where I’m going (dress shoes if I’m going somewhere upscale, sneakers or Doc Martens if I’m just meeting friends at the bar). Optional sports coat for dressier occasions.

  8. A lot of it depends on wearing things that work for your body type as well as adding accessories.
    You could easily dress up a plain outfit with some jewelry or hats and scarves. Understanding your personal style is important too. What looks good on someone else, won’t always work for the look you’re going for. Try out new styles, colors, and patterns.

    Someone else said going to a store and having someone help you, that is also great advice. Nordstrom can be pretty expensive but they can be helpful with assisting

  9. I always recommend the standard, black pants, black shirt, black shoes, black gloves and the black ski mask. And i know what you thinking what about the socks? Right? Well black.

  10. Start by just upgrading your existing style. Go to plain tees instead of graphic tees. Make sure they fit a little better, not so baggy. Get jeans that fit well. Vans are great casual style, but consider alternating with chukka boots.

    These small changes won’t seem like you tried to be someone else, but they will make you look better.

  11. I wear a lot of Henleys and darker denim these days. As far as shoes, I wear soccer and skate type shoes. I prefer brands like Adidas and Puma though. Vans tend to be for younger people. I turned 40 today. Vans look a little ridiculous on me. I also have a pair of classic Airwalk shoes I wear occasionally.

  12. If I want to look semi smart, I’ll wear addidas trainers, blue jeans, a black jumper and a shirt. Never let me down and never had a queer look really so can’t be too bad lol

  13. My basic attire is canvas jeans, boot, a solid color T-shirt, and maybe a hat or a beanie. I used to do similar with band Ts, but I lost weight and intend to drop more, and I don’t want to buy things that won’t fit in a year.

    I am a big fan of oversized sweatshirts – I picked up some old-man looking ones awhile ago and love them. Otherwise, I’ll do like a basic black or grey hoodie or like a Carhartt type jacket occasionally.

    I want to give the impression that I am ready to go do some activities – like I can hit a hike, help with yard work, or go to a concert at a moments notice.

    Can I dress on-point with a button up, suspenders, and all that jazz? Sure, but that’s not what I enjoy in my day-to-day.

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