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What do women do in a relationship, that frustrates you the most?

What do women do in a relationship, that frustrates you the most?

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  1. Volunteer me for things. Then convince/guilt me not to back out after. “It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission” may have some truth, but it is *incredibly* manipulative and disrespectful.

  2. Get angry at me for cheating on her in a dream she had.

    Like, if I have a dream where she leaves me, or cheats on me, or whatever, and I wake up and realize it was all a dream, I am thrilled!

  3. I have been in a couple of relationships where she would control /gatekeep our communication when things became tough. She would shut down and not talk to me for hours when I wanted to talk things through. This went on for years before I realised this was a form of abuse. And I only realised after going to therapy when my doctor pointed out that I was walking on eggshells the relationship.

  4. Tell their friends the details of our relationship, especially intimate ones, but really any details.

    No matter what I look like the bad guy and they treat me poorly. They also usually start giving me crap.

    It’s not their relationship.

  5. Make a bunch of sexually charged comments all evening and get me all excited and then when it’s go-time i get the “is that all you think about? no” shit.

    If you do that shit, STOP. It’s annoying as fuck, it sends mixed signals, and makes men feel like shit.

  6. Not being quiet in the morning.

    Every gf I ever had I’d do everything in my power to be as quiet as possible if I woke up before them so they could keep sleeping.

    Every single girl I’ve ever woken up next to is exactly the opposite.
    They either wake you up to start the day with them or become a one woman marching band until you get up.

  7. Try to change people to fit their ideal guy. It’s one thing if it’s causing real problems in his life, but why get with a gamer fir instance only to berate them over playing games? Just date people you’re compatible with. And my god fucking communicate.

    This girl I know just yesterday was talking about hiw she “trained” her current dude. We’re not fucking dogs, I’m not gonna be treated like you can train me. People say shit like this like its normal and then wonder why I have no interest in serious dating

  8. Not tell me what’s wrong. I don’t mind admitting faults but I need to know which ones are an issue for my partner. The silent treatment has never worked for anyone ever and I feel exhausted if I have ring it out

  9. I haven’t been a relationship but one thing I see too much online is guys telling their secrets to be later used against them in a heated argument. Idk how often this actually happens but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s sort of common.

  10. Bringing up old issues or grievances when she feels like she’s losing a current argument. They just keep a running list of EVERYTHING I’ve ever done wrong in their head and they never let it go.

    Also, when having a disagreement, it doesn’t matter who actually has the best point, if she feels hurt, that’s the new issue. You can never win because any argument will leave her hurt and that’s MY fault. No matter what, I have to apologize. I’m wrong.

  11. Say they like you the way you are. Date you for over a year and tell you that you are prefect, then proceed to try and change things about you that you don’t want to change 6-12 months after convincing you to move in together with them.

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