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What did you want to become growing up as a kid and what did you actually turn out to do?

What did you want to become growing up as a kid and what did you actually turn out to do?

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  1. When I was a kid, I was convinced I wanted to become some kind of engineer who works from home.

    As an adult I’m a DevOps Engineer who desperately wants to go back to working in an office, at least half the time. I love being at home all the time, but man do I miss the social aspect of work. I also find that work creeps into my private time to the point where I basically have no time to myself besides making dinner at night and maybe an hour or two before bed. When I was working in the office, I only had to work from 8-5. Nowadays….not so much.

  2. Wanted to be an astronaut and was pursuing that up until six months ago. I was doing astrophysics at uni, freshman year, and I hated doing all the math all the time. I could do it but I’m not naturally a math person and I was having to put three or four times more work into everything just to understand it, and that makes you feel stupid and miserable, and I’m not stupid so I didn’t like that feeling.

    Now I’ve transferred course and an studying politics philosophy and economics, far less math and any math I am doing is a breeze. I’m want to go to law school and then hopefully work in national security and foreign policy, ideally at the White House or Department of State. Maybe do something at the DoJ. Regardless though, I love this new path and I’m naturally a lot more talented at it so I’m not putting in the absurd amount of work I had to last year to understand the basics and I can actually enjoy the course!

  3. Wanted to become an Architect. I did not like people. I was good at math. I really liked houses.

    I learned that I actually hate math and like people.

    Now i’m in college for my HR Management degree.

  4. Earliest thing I can think of having wanted to be was HVAC technician. Forgot about it, then when college time came I went to tech school for HVAC. that got me a job in nursing home maintenance and that’s where I’ve been since. I am now the director of maintenance at a nursing home and I’ve hardly used my HVAC schooling lol (edit) I am however looking at getting my contractors license so I can get into the HVAC work. Tired of working for people.

  5. I wanted to be an archaeologist. I blame indiana jones, and stargate entirely. I also enjoyed history a lot. I’d say I stuck with that idea pretty well from elementary school into highschool, then I thought about joining the military, did cadets for a while. Saw a lot of corruption and fraud and figured I should just work in the woods instead. Took forestry courses, fell in love with the science and the animals.

    I became a biologist, which has been fun. I do get to go on neat out door adventures and wear a stupid hat. Sometimes. In covid times I been doing retail, but I’ll be back on my grind in a few weeks.

    So I kinda got there with what I thought I wanted. It was just a hell of a lot harder than I expected, but satisfying enough so far. I’ll never make real money, and it’s been a lonesome, unstable life, but hey, it was better than my childhood.

  6. Wanted: Architect/construction

    Became: logistics freight data analyst

    Not unhappy with it. 5 year old me really enjoyed playing with legos and digging in the sand. I can still build things in my spare time, be that DIY or playing cities skylines, and now I play with what many describe as “adult LEGO’s”

  7. I told people for years I wanted to be a geologist. I really didn’t even know what a geologist was, but I guess it sounded good enough. I was only good at art and saying I was going to be an artist just didn’t seem legit enough to me. I would consider what I do now to be commercial art.

  8. Wanted to be: Space pirate. Or more realistically a personal assistant/Butler.

    Ended up: Brewing beer… Still wanna be a space pirate. Born way too early. Ah well. Maybe I’ll become a butler after I retire from brewing and be that cheeky wise cracking butler for some rich assholes.

  9. Kid: family kept telling me I should be a doctor because I was smart and doctors are rich.

    Adult: got interested in computer programming, got my degree, now Software Development Dr Engineer for a nationwide (US) healthcare company, making more than many doctors.

  10. First it was a preacher, then a filmmaker, after that author, psychologist was always in three running. I am currently working in a tourist town restaurant, and pursuing an Appraisal License.

  11. Depending on the age: diver (Jacques Cousteau docus anyone?) then astronaut, then fighter pilot then computer programmer.

    Ended up being the latter… for better or for worse. 😀

  12. Wanted to be: Parapsychologist, astronaut, archaeologist.

    Became: Trail builder, gardener, ethnobotanist.

    I’m still really into ghost stories though, especially ones linked with old sites or ruins.

  13. I’m an optometrist (aka eye doctor).

    I have no memory of this, but apparently after having my first eye exam at 5 years old, I told my parents I was going to be an eye doctor. They all got a kick out of it when I decided in college to pursue optometry.

  14. I wanted to be a financial planner at 15 because my parents had one who seemed smart, respected, caring, humble and well off. I’m now a financial planner and realize it’s not all it seemed, but it’s not bad!

  15. Wanted to be: Video game developer

    Became: Visual effects artist

    I briefly worked for a game studio for a year but turned to the film industry because the work/life balance was just nonexistent.

  16. I never really wanted to be anything but I remember in first or second grade I answered the question with “School bus driver”. It just sounded like an easy job that I could be content with. Now that I think of it, I’d hate it. Rowdy kids all over the place. F that.

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