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What did you do to get out of a dry spell?

What did you do to get out of a dry spell?

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  1. Go get yourself a “slump-buster”. This is a relatively unattractive girl that will give up sex fairly easily because she equally as or even more desperate than you are. Get one or two of those and you’ll get your mojo back.

  2. So I have to admit, anytime I had a dryspell,.walk into a library in college, a gym soon after, a grocery store anytime. Walk up to.a.girl and break the ice with something stupid. My best is, “So, uhhh, What’s your credit score”. 90% don’t know and 99% are intrigued like
    ..what”. Follow up with “well, as bo-day-shus a look and supreme in Physique, I was hoping to find a flaw of your credit score cause I really can’t find one…

    Then ask the following open ended linked questions to keep her talking about her and you will he in the bedroom ASAP.

    1. Do you have a fiance, husband, or someone you intend to spend your life with or can I apply? (here is where you find out if she is game or not, when she says No, I am free or just got out of a relationship you say the links. A) Did it end well B) What things should I not do C) What did you enjoy doing together in your past relationships or dates that we can do together to make even better memories? (Probably didn’t end well, you let them tell you what they hate, and you show you are not worried about past or insecure…you are better

    2. What is something we could do together tonight other than a movie…we of course would start with dinner. A)Where you like B) What you like there C) How often do you like to eat out…I like ___breakfast ___lunch ___dinner. You say something about your likes to make her want to tell you hers.

    3. So would you like to come to my place, it is clean, but lacks the touch of greatness…which is you, meaning I have no sense of style and not only do I need you for great company, but you could probably help me with the layout and design of the whole decor. This one has always just been the heat for me. Yeah I want ya girl, but here is a task for us. Then the next morning post 4 nuts, yeah we will have to get together again to do the interior design stuff.

  3. Not a brag, Just stated fact, that was a good zero in on a portion to in try to attack the person, I truly like the ad hominem. Yet, it’s truly used by those who have nothing left to say or at a last ditch effort to win and argument.

    There is no argument though, I’m just trying to help a young man out because I’m in position to do so. You will often find those who made the most mistakes are the best to learn from.

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