What conventionally “unattractive” feature makes you go wild?

What conventionally “unattractive” feature makes you go wild?

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  1. I don’t know that it is unattractive, but I get really turned on by the combo small boobs, small hips and small butt. I have heard many a man wax poetically about one of these things individually, but the combination of all three of them seems to get considerably less praise, sadly. To me, it’s the hottest thing ever.

  2. Thicker eyebrows. They’re a defining feature and that’s good! Better, in my opinion than women who pluck or thin their eyebrows (just makes your forehead bigger).

    A coworker of mine has very prominent eyebrows (that grew a *bit* closer to the center of her face than most people’s) and she’s really cute.

  3. 1) Having a plump, squishy belly, even a muffin top with love-handles and such. Could squeeze and knead and jiggle that shit all day like jell-o or play-doh.

    2) If they laugh so hard they snort, it’s adorable. Bonus points if they get embarrassed by it.

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