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What can you do at 14 if you stole an autistic kids phone and got caught so your mom hit with a brush multiple times on your butt and thighs?

What can you do at 14 if you stole an autistic kids phone and got caught so your mom hit with a brush multiple times on your butt and thighs?

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  1. Give the phone back and take your punishment in full stride. The consequence happened because of your actions and part of being a man is accepting the punishments for doing wrong and setting the record straight. Strive to do better next time.

  2. I would take this time to reflect on the disgusting act that was committed. Stealing and taking advantage of someone who is vulnerable. I would also feel incredible shame that instead of being something positive for this person I instead decided to be a thief and an embarrassment to my family and community. I would return the phone and apologize to the kid, I would then apologize to my family for making them look bad because of my horrible choices. I would count my blessings I wasn’t getting charged and or put in Juvie for being a little prat. Seriously, if this is you I would be embarrassed to have even admitted to this and then looking for some sort of validation of your consequences. Do better.

  3. Give the phone back and apologize to the autistic child. Then apologize to your mother for stealing.

    How would you feel if someone stole something important from you? You would be upset. You’re lucky you are 14, if you were 18+ you would get arrested for stealing someone’s property.

  4. Do you feel to be the victim in this scenario? If so, you need to have a rethink! If you where my son/daughter I’d be very disappointed in your actions. The fact you mention that the real victim was autistic suggests to me that you think somehow this person either deserved this or nullifies the fact that you did this to them. I have to say, if you were my son or daughter you wouldn’t be able to post this question because as well as the punishment you got, you’d also have lost YOUR phone (which I’m sure your parents pay for) AND any other electronic/internet access.

    So, what can you do? Reflect on what you actually did and ask yourself if you think it was a good thing? It wasn’t! So, apologize to the kid whose phone you took, apologize to your parents for the embarrassment you’ve obviously caused them and feel lucky no one called the police giving you a “record” (or worse) if charges were pressed! While somethings we do when we’re younger seem like a bit of a laugh try and give yourself the chance to think about the actions you take. Remember that there’s always a reaction to the actions you take! Strike this one off as a lesson learned!

  5. Be happy it was your mother who took it out on you. A father would not be so easy on you.

    The physical punishment would be less but you would have been grounded as a servant doing all of the chores for at least 6 months. That would be after he physically dragged you over to that kids house to apologize in front of everyone.

    Mothers are too forgiving. If she’s a single mother start doing your own penance.

  6. Return the phone, apologize and realize that this is prime human waste behaviour and most people would beat you up for it if they were allowed to. If you are doing stuff that most people would hit you for, you are not headed in a good direction my man. Fix your shit.

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