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What book must every man read?

What book must every man read?

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  1. The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis, so you can form perspective on the types of people drawn to careers in government and understand the threats we face when we don’t listen to them.

    The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki, so you can grasp how statistically it’s often better to listen to a diverse crowd of stupid people than one single expert. Diversity and volume together breed knowledge.

  2. Catch 22 – a great book about military, male relations and absurdity of bureaucracy. It’s short, fun and makes you think.

    Art of War – it probably won’t change your life or anything (that only happens to Bond villains), but it does contain a lot of interesting thought about strategising and resolving conflicts. Of course, none of us is expected to lead troops trough mountains of China, but the massage of those texts is surprisingly universal.

    Bible – It’s such an important book, that shaped the world for better or worse in so many ways that you really owe it to yourself to get trough it. There’s so much bullshit being said about it by both theists and anti-theists that you can just filter out if you know how full of shit some of them are… Same thing goes for any other religious texts that would be relevant to your culture (like Torah, Quran etc.)

  3. The Lessons of History by Will and Ariel Durant

    The husband and wife pair spent years writing thousands of pages chronicling all of human history. Fucking all of it. Then they stood back and said, “shit, no one will read this!” So they distilled everything they learned down to about 100 pages. That’s the book.

    One of the most important books ever written as far as I know.

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