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What are your weird ghost stories?

Think we all went into “what are your weird ghosting stories?” hoping for stories about ghosts so …

Hit me with your weirdest ghost stories.

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  1. I have three, two of which I cannot explain.
    1. My grandfather lived in our home country, while we lived here. He got sick and passed away. There was a picture I believe by the mantle on the fireplace of my grandad. Our 2 year old dog sat by the fireplace barking at it and staying there from the day he passed to the day of the funeral. Pretty weird if u ask me.

    2. There’s a haunted road about an hour from where I live. Gravity hill basically scientific term. You park you car in the dark and place it un neutral, it’s supposed to roll back in what appears uphill motion. This is apparently ghosts pushing you away from their property (two large oak trees on either side of the road where slaves apparently used to be hung at. We put white flour on my friends hood and did the thing. Car rolled back, we got out and checked. Swear on everything there was visible handprints on the hood, maybe we were freaking out idk. Felt fucking real.

    3. Watching a movie with my girl and her brother. Him and I are seated in a way where we can see down the main hallway. According to my girl, we both looked down the dark hallway at the same time and looked confused. When she called us out on it, we freaked out because we both claimed to have seen a dark figure in the shape of a person, visible enough that it caught both of our attention separately.
    We’ve had weird little things happen in this house too, my girl and daughter have both claimed to have seen figures themselves. I want to not believe it but then my two year old randomly says ghost and points at corners in rooms sometimes.

    So yaaaa

  2. Well….before moving into a house we had when I was a kid, my mom had a dream, where in her grandfather sat up out of a casket, laughed and said “i’m not dead, the basement is fine”. She wouldn’t tell me that till many years later.

    That was the creepiest fucking house I’ve ever been in. Used to be a nursing home. I was maybe 7-9. Photos had the habit of making faces and moving around. One of my own grandpa would play with his tie and wave. From down a hallway or long room, my toy soldiers would appear to stretch and move around. And the basement had an incredibly creepy feeling.

    My dad said when he slept in my room before we moved in, it felt like someone kept tugging on his blanket. Eventually he let “them” have it. Blanket got pulled off. He said he heard someone giggle like an old lady. Freaked him out pretty good.

    I’m fairly agnostic about such things, perhaps even a bit atheistic. But I’ve had enough weird shit happen in my life that I don’t deny the possibility outright. Too many strange dreams, too many weird encounters, too many things that were like a drug trip despite not taking any such drugs. I kinda believe in ancestor and nature spirits but not deeply. I also don’t really believe in ghosts lingering around, to me, that’s a stupid notion. But bad energy? Sure.

    I do know that house was fucking creepy.

  3. When me and my brother were teenagers we used to have this light, it was a simple reading lamp that had a blue Christmas light placed into it. That light first started to blink to the rhythm of the music that we were playing, then we got to a point where we could ask it questions. One blink for yes, two blinks meant no, three blinks meant stop asking this question. Some of our friends just thought it was just an elaborate prank, till we would go into other rooms and call it by name and all of a sudden the TV or lights would blink and then our friends would just turn white as ghosts. This went on for a few years till we move from that house.

  4. I was in a 2 bedroom apartment with myself, my sis, my mom, my grandma and 2 cats. My sis had her own room, grandma slept in the living room and I slept in my mom’s room. Everyone was asleep except me. I lied awake and suddenly something flew at my door. It was a shoe. No one else was awake and there’s not way one of my small ass cats threw a size 9 shoe. It hit the door so hard, my mom’s jacket fell onto my bed.

  5. There’s a particular spot in my house where you can take the stairs to go up to the bedrooms that is sort of interesting. I have a dog and sometimes he will be sleeping or he will be just relaxing and then he will wake up or perk up, ears go up and he stares at that exact spot on the staircase for a few minutes. My brother’s dogs do the same thing, they will often stare at that same spot as well. Idk how accurate it is but my mom visited a psychic and she said that my mom’s dad comes to visit us and check in from time to time. The day he died, there was a double rainbow outside and my mom says that anytime she sees one, she feels the presence of her dad. The last time my brother brought his dogs over, they all stared at that spot on the stairs and then I looked outside and saw a double rainbow. After that we got a really strong smell of a lumber mill and could smell sawdust and stuff like that. Her dad worked in a lumber mill for his whole working career and at that point, we knew he was there watching us.

  6. I had a privilege of knowing a priest designated by Bishop in my old home town to deal with ghosts,possessions,exorcisms and so on.I remember some stories but they are too long to write here. Ghosts,hauntings etc-those are all very real and they do happen.

  7. Got a few actually. I know I sound crazy and that’s fine but I’m able to tune into my immediate surroundings and feel emotion and where the emotion is coming from along with where it’s gaze is/see through its eyes( more so get a sill image from their/its gaze). But probably the weirdest one I have is while I was in the car with a few friends driving a dirt road at night, we turned a bend on this dirt road big enough for one vehicle to drive on and saw tail lights ahead of us, so were following them for about a mile and still had them in our sights there were no turn offs or other roads attached to this road for a good 3 miles, at this point we were still able to see them and close enough to see the dust kicked up from them still, They turn another bend and we lose them for a second till we got to the bend, we turn it and nothing, no tail lights, no dust kicked up no turn offs nothing, we still had about half a mile to go till we hit the first turn off

  8. I’ve got one from just a couple of months ago. Not sure if it counts as a ghost story, but that was the prevailing theory of around half of us at the time. It definitely falls into the weird shit category regardless.

    This November I was out on my buddy’s parents land hog hunting with the rest of our friends, a couple of his friends as well as with his father and the owner of the property next to theirs. We’re sitting out on 35 acres of land surrounded by a national park on 2 sides with the third butted up against the neighbor’s property which is even larger, and to say we’re out in the sticks is putting it mildly.

    We’re sitting around a bonfire we’d made celebrating a successful day, drinking, hanging out, and all of that and it’s around 2 in the morning. Occasionally we’re hearing this weird thumping noise which gets some people’s attention, but the dudes noticing it get ragged on for shit like drinking a little too much or being grown ass men who are scared of the dark. The noise continues and lo and behold a rock, an honest to God baseball sized rock, comes down fairly close to group. Multiple people, myself included, saw this thing land. We make a quick headcount, assuming someone walked off to take a leak and came back to fuck with us, and find we’re all present and accounted for. At this point guys start standing up and shining flashlights out into the surrounding field and treeline.

    Basically we’ve got a forest about 100 feet to our west which slowly wraps around to the north fairly far away, so despite how big a throw that would need to be, most of the focus is on that. While we’re all looking that way, another rock comes down. This time from out in the field. This isn’t too far from the main house on the property, maybe 100 yards or so, so field in question is about as dense as a yard that’s never been taken care of, meaning the grass is basically shin height at its thickest and impossible for someone to hide in.

    So the only logical explanation, that somebody is fucking with us, has some problems. First of all, we’re getting pelted from all sides. Including a side where we can confirm that’s totally devoid of people. Secondly there’s nobody out here *to* fuck with us. The entrance to to the park bordering us is miles away, the road running to this property pretty much only connects to the two inhabited properties and a massive unclaimed property across the street, and terminates at an orange grove about 5 miles down. Finally, who in their right mind is wandering around *this* far from civilization, at 2 in the morning, and decides to start fucking with a group of about 10 visibly armed men? And, again, we’ve got rocks coming from a direction that we can definitely confirm is free of human presence.

    And then there’s the real kicker. Being that this is private land, my buddy’s old man occasionally hunts hogs here at night. He and 2 other guys hop on the ATV, ride out to the house, and come back with one of his ARs that as a REAP-IR on it. A thermal optic. Dude scans the woods and the field, says he can’t see anybody, and then passes the rifle around to prove it. When *I* was looking through it, we got yet another rock thrown at us from the field *as I’m looking out into the field*.

    The “barrage” continued for another 10 or so minutes, despite everyone shouting and multiple threats shouted out into the darkness, and then slowly ends just as bizarrely as it started.

    Around half of us thought it was ghosts, the other half was half-joking about skunk ape (and getting criticized by the ghost crowd for implying that skunk ape is not only *real* but also cold blooded) and another 2 guys were adamant that it was just some idiots with a death wish who, for whatever reason, were out well past midnight in the middle of nowhere and who weren’t showing up on thermals. They honestly sounded like they were trying to convince themselves more so than the rest of us. I even went out with a few friends driving up and down the road nearby looking for any parked vehicles. Nothing.

    I have no idea what the fuck happened that night, but I can’t explain it.

  9. I got 2.

    1. Was young and dumb, didn’t believe in the supernatural (I suppose I don’t fully either but I respect it) went to a haunted bridge on private property where a girl was murdered by her boyfriend some years ago. I had been there on a few different occasions and saw nothing till 1 night.

    There are 6 things you gotta do to see her(I figured cause people who saw her did these 6 things inadvertently like I did). 1 is go there after midnight, 2 turn off your car, 3 step out, 4 cross the bridge, 5 talk shit about the ghost, 6 leave a spot in your car for her to sit. Fulfill the 6 things and now you’ve got a pissed off spirit in your car. Not smart but what can I say…

    Anyways did the 6 and went back to my car with the rearview mirror cranked in a position. I asked my friend why’s my mirror like that and he said I did it. Anyways I take off in my car and adjust the mirror and all I see is this FUCKING PISSED OFF face in my rearview like it was right over my shoulder. I scream, swerve and get out. My buddies are yelling what I saw and they told me I was lying and making shit up. I swear I didn’t but after like 5 minutes I wasn’t even sure myself. Oh and this was a time when I was straight edge, so no drinking or anything.

    2. Went to a buddies house to kick it. Bunch of them were drinking and smoking but I came kinda late and I was engrossed playing on his playstation that I forgot to drink. Anyways most of em are leaving and I didn’t realize that everyone had pretty much dipped and my buddy who’s home it was, was knocked out. I realize the time and get up to leave.

    So, to get to the front door you gotta go from a back room which goes across a kitchen towards the main rooms (this will make sense why I’m telling it in a bit). I turn right in the kitchen to go down the hall to the door but I noticed my shadow looked extremely weird.

    The light in the kitchen was the only light on and my shadow I casted went all the way down the hall and up the wall. The weird part was that my shadow had extremely long shoulders (vertically they were reaaaaallly long) so I paused a moment. I go ahead and move right out of the doorway to stop my shadow from being casted. But when I moved only the shadow closest to me moved, the shadow further down the hall did not move. That’s when I said “what the fu…” And the shadow darted further into the rooms. I freaked out and didn’t know what to do. I tried getting my drunk friend up to no avail and it took me like 3 hrs to leave cause I did not want to go that way.

    Anyways, I tell my buddy the next day what happened. What surprised me was that my friend was so nonchalant about it was like “oh so you met it.” The thing that surprised him was that the shadow only usually shows itself to family who live in the house and that most of his actually family members have not seen it. Even his grandmother and grandfather there have seen it and were also surprised it showed itself to me. They sternly told me that now that I’ve seen it that I cannot make contact with it not can I get angry in the house cause weird things start to happen in the house (stuff falling over, things breaking, etc).

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