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What are your tips and tricks to prevent chafing when running?

What are your tips and tricks to prevent chafing when running?

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  1. I wear tight seamless boxers, with compression leggings over them (and a pair of shorts over those). Don’t go running in just regular tracksuit bottoms. Wear gear designed for running – you’ll notice the difference.

  2. Running shorts with the liner or athletic boxer briefs. Cotton and loose boxers will chafe your thighs into ground beef on long runs.

    Body Glide for longer runs. Its a bit expensive, but it does the job perfectly.

    Nip chafing is a bit harder to deal with. Avoid cotton and be careful of salt accumulation from evaporated sweat on long runs. That shit is abrasive.

    Splurge on decent shoes and some running socks to avoid blisters. They will make a significant difference.

  3. Baby powder. its literally life changing. inner thighs, arm pits, anywhere. keeps you dry and soft at all times. i also use this brand called “Anti- Monkey Butt” which specializes in anti chaffing. cant recommend it enough.

  4. Body glide.

    Bandages for your nipples. (Go with superhero ones if it makes you feel better)

    Runner specific clothing (no cotton)

    And if you do encounter chaffing, diaper ointment with zinc oxide makes a huge difference.

  5. Baby powder. Corn starch can be used as well, but it’s more susceptible to fungi. So go with talc or corn starch which has been treated for this purpose.

    And good underwear. Cotton.

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