What are your thoughts when you see a girl bleeding through her pants?

I know that me or my friends have leaked on our periods while in public and I want to know what you think when you see it.

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  1. “If I noticed, someone else is about to notice. Should I say something? No, don’t. That’ll only bring more attention to her! But what if someone else notices? Maybe they’re more equip to handle this situation? Where’d she go?”

  2. Oh, she’s bleeding out of her vagina. Does she know we can see it? Should I say something? Or is it intentional to prove a point — meaning she would scream me down and get all mad?

    If it is somebody I know I would say something.

  3. I’m 56 and never seen it. I’ve seen approximately 2 million women over the years, so let’s assume that it’s an extremely rare occurrence and not worth worrying about.

  4. “I know I always dreamt of making a woman wet just from seeing me but daaamn…”

    In all seriousness, while not experiencing periods myself, I would politely smile to them and if they happen to be close, whisper to them that they might have a leak.

  5. “Was she wounded in battle? Is she a witch, that she can bleed so and still walk as if nothing is wrong?
    I miss the days of Salem.”

    Is that what you were trolling for?!

    Here’s what we really think, “Hmm..I’d still fuck her.” That’s what a real man thinks. The other responses, ( and likely this question), come from boys.

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