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What are your honest opinions on coworker relationships?

What are your honest opinions on coworker relationships?

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  1. They can be dangerous and should not be something most people pursue in most situations. If both people are mature and there is a very real connection then I have no issue with it. Obviously as long as they don’t bring any bullshit drama into the workplace.

  2. Usually a bad idea, even asking someone out might turn out bad. That said, I met my girlfriend at work, but it was a retail job I was ready to leave, definitely wouldn’t have acted if it had been a professional job

  3. If you’re working a professional job, I think it’s a bad idea to be in a relationship with anyone in your department or who you work with on a regular basis, but totally find with someone who works on the other side of the building and your jobs have no overlap.

    If you’re working a McJob that you can replace in an afternoon, go nuts as long as it’s safe and consensual.

  4. I have thought that I and the other person were mature enough to handle that sort of thing 3 times in my life. I was wrong 3 times.

    I have seen it work out successfully once, but they were a couple before they started working together.

    Don’t shit where you eat. And if you are working with your SO you both need a thing you can invest yourself in that is separate from your partner. Individual time away from your partner is necessary for a healthy relationship.

  5. As someone who is employed at the same place as my wife, it’s perfectly fine if, and only if, you have boundaries. You have to not show favoritism or more-than-friendly PDA because you need to make the workplace work properly. It helps if the relationship was before the job too, job then coworkers dating usually ends in catastrophe (happening before my eyes with two teens employed at the same place as my wife and I)

  6. They are great while they last. When you break up, you have to see that person and work with them every day. Possibly see them date other office coworkers. They may even act combative or create a narrative as if you pose a certain danger, and circulate that narrative around to your other coworkers and friends.

    You can also never get promoted to be in her/his supervisory chain, and any other romance with a nexus to work will be strained. It’s too hard. Too much can go wrong. That’s why Jim moved away from the Scranton Branch!

  7. You can do it but it’s risky. Just keep the dating talk outside of the office and only interact with them if its about work during your shift. Outside of work, that’s when you can go back to normal.

  8. I am uneasy about them. Right now I am renting a modestly large office in a building with other businesses that all share a reception and common areas. One of the ladies is really attractive and we chat now and then in the break room. I’m self employed and she works for one of the companies, so we aren’t coworkers in that sense, but being that we are there to work and our careers are important, I’m wary about initiating something.

    If things got really sour I could easily move my office, well I mean that is inconvenient. But from her perspective, if things got sour and I wanted to stay at this building she would have no way out but to quit her job, and that isn’t fair to her.

  9. If you work for the same company but in different departments or branches (i.e. you’ll probably never see each other at work), it’s whatever. If it’s a proper see-you-every-day coworker, no. It doesn’t matter how professional you think you are, you CAN’T treat a SO the way you treat another coworker.

  10. If you mean sexual relationships, I’ve been dating my assistant (she’s not my assistant anymore) for years.

    EDIT: Yes she has been promoted. No it’s not because of head. I think.

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