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What are your hobbies you work on in your spare time before/after work to keep yourself busy and pass the time?

I find myself day in day out unable to keep myself occupied after work. What do you do to keep yourself busy in your spare time?

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  1. Sports, usually gym and running

    Listening to music/ Making music

    Going out with friends to eat


    Having a walk in the city and looking at sneakers i then don’t buy

    Buy the sneakers the next day

  2. I own a fixer-upper house and grow a garden so there’s a lot to with that everything from carpentry to weeding and mowing the lawn.

    I also work out, play board games semi-regularly, try to get a sauna session with friends in at least bi-weekly, hang out with family and friends, try to make some beats now and then, indulge in new video games, been trying out fermenting my own hot sauce, etc.

  3. Motorcycles, building/fixing stuff around the house and thrift stores, swap meets, yard sales and estate sales looking for anything old that catches my interest that I can sink my money into.

  4. Working out, and reading. But I plan on buying a 4 door ford falcon in the future to fix and upgrade. Its just that im currently in an apartment with no garage

  5. Read, gym, listening to music (usually in combination with reading), watch a film or series and I’m involved in a few groups for which I have to leave the door frequently.

  6. Exercise (through shuffling/dancing, usually)



    Hanging out with friends

    Futsal training and matches (I’m an assistant manager of a local club where I live in)

  7. Biking, exercise and building stuff.

    I have a machine shop in the garage so I like to tinker on metal stuff there.

    We just moved, so unpacking and reorganizing is a big use of my time lately.

  8. Fitness/Sports/Outdoor Activities (pick a random thing you’ve never tried before and get good at it)

    House projects (this is the most expensive one, avoid if you like having money)

    Building/fixing things (cars, bikes, motorcycles, house items, computers, really anything you can get your hands dirty with)

    Brewing/Cooking (everyone likes beer and food)

    Learn a new skill (look into something you’ve always been curious about)

    Honestly I don’t have enough time in the day to work on all the things I want to! Just the sports and fitness portion would have all my free time booked. Just start with one and then expand it as you go along

  9. Mostly videogames, walking the dog, listening to music.

    I’ve also recently learned that I really enjoy doing yard work. The house we bought was a bit overgrown in the backyard, I loved taking a pair of shears out there and just cut.

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