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What are your favorite “girly” tv shows or movies?

Inspired by the fact I really like Gilmore Girls

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  1. IDK if it would be considered girly in and of itself, but I loved Supernatural for a long time, and I think I was the only dude I know who did.

  2. Are most Netflix Originals about teens supposed to be for girls? I never really hear guys talking about shit like 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale, etc

  3. Something’s Gotta Give made me realize that I just generally like Rom-Coms. But my favorite I think is French Kiss (1995). Or maybe As Good As It Gets (1997).

  4. Magic Mike was actually pretty good once you get past the oily abs.
    Brokeback Mountain is a sad movie, hit me in the feels, and I’m not into guys (Gyllenhaal is a handsome fucker, though). I was forced to watch a Gilmore Girls marathon – started out hating it, but then secretly got super into it lol. Friends is a garbage show, even if I have somehow watched the entire series twice, fuck Ross and fuck that show – fight me.

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