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What are your biggest fears in life as a man?

What are your biggest fears in life as a man?

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  1. other people having a negative image of me

    Also being stuck in the water with an alligator or crocodile.

    Its not the animal itself that scares me, I’d pet it if i knew it wasn’t gonna bite me, but having my limbs torn off while im being drowned isn’t high on my bucket list.

    Also this is gonna soumd weird but eye injuries. Any other part of your body, you jab it lightly with a knife, its fine. A bit of bleeding but fine. Your eye? Boom, you lost half your vision. A car kicks up a pebble and hits you in the eye? Lose the eye. A ricocheting bb which wouldn’t even break your skin? Lose your eye.

    Its a lifelong injury, and eyes are just so… fragile.

  2. Hurting the ones I love. Something I can’t live with i would rather push them away then see them suffer by my hands. Espically true for my lover. I’ve already loved someone too much that it hurted them. It was a hard lesson I still can’t comprehend

  3. I’m married so false rape is out of the window. I’d go with divorce rape or dying alone / living a sad life, resulting in my daughter hating me and turning into my asshole father.

  4. most of my real fears are fears that women can also have. in general, one of my biggest fears is having to work a shitty low level job for the rest of my life despite being told that i’m a talented person with a lot of potential.

    a few weeks ago i had a higher up in a gaming/media company praise the work that i sent them, but that interaction went nowhere. i didn’t make a new contact and i wasn’t offered a job to do the work that i’d like to do. instead, i just got another compliment that lets me know that i’m good enough, but that’s still not enough.

    over the last few years i’ve realized that people that are better at networking are more likely to achieve their goals instead of people that just work hard by themselves.

  5. Being unable to provide for my family. I know the gender stereotype that men should be the sole providers is BS, but it’s still a huge ego bomb to look at all our finances and realize I can barely pay bills and put food on the table… and don’t even mention disposable income…

  6. Rape/sexual assault allegations. I’m in a very conservative area, and just as I’d have to terminate people working for me if they were credibly accused, I’d be ran out of my profession very fast as well.

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