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What are your best pregnant wife/gf stories?

My wife eats, sleeps, and is slighty cranky. I feel like I am missing out on the crazy pregnancy stories and its almost over for us(early December, Yay!). So what’s best story about your pregnant wife/gf.

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  1. Be thankful that it is going well and get some sleep. My wife needed hip surgery after first child and had to be IV for nausea for second one. Ride that nice gentle wave into the shore.

  2. My favorite is when she’s really tired, she finds something funny (that’s not really funny) and laughs so hard, and then starts crying. It’s been a rough year, and when those moments come it’s everything all in one. My least favorite is the endless what are we going to eat conversations. With covid and pregnancy I have been doing 98% of the cooking, and my creativity has run dry, especially with her changed pallet. Feb 3 can’t come soon enough.

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