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What are you typically doing on a Friday night?

Curious to hear from other people what they’re doing on Fridays. With COVID-19, my social life is pretty much non-existent.

Looking for others to chime in. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I mean even before Covid I wasn’t the guy who would be party hopping. Maybe go to an occasion friends house to chill but otherwise I’d be at the crib. Tell you what though, this covid shit has made it where after it I wanna be out more. I spent enough time in the house

  2. My daughter had a friend over, we went scootering to the park, later to the playground, out to lunch, chiropractor, watched a movie, dinner, grocery, got milk shakes, and now relaxing enjoying the quiet.

  3. I’m laying in bed right now. I didn’t do much before Covid, mostly worked. I’m on Discord but it’s not the same ‘cause I’m mainly in a smaller server with people who aren’t in the same timezone

  4. Usually some beers and watching a movie with the wife and kids. Then after everyone falls asleep I might rip a bong and play some video games. Pretty much has been like this for years now and I’m fine with that

  5. No one really cares about COVID in AZ. My life hasn’t changed much tbh. I’m about to head to a bar later tonight and my buddy is having 10-15 people over his house tomorrow.

    I worked remotely for about 6 months in mid-2020, but besides that pretty normal. My wife and I go out to eat, hang out with friends at their houses and in public. I haven’t gone to an “event” since COVID obviously, but I’ll call that an improvement. I hate being around a lot of people in a small space.

  6. Going to bed early and getting some delicious, lengthy sack-time that I can’t / don’t get during the work week. Getting out of the old habit of being hungover on Sat and/or Sun morning has been fantastic.

  7. Rolling a nice spliff, taking my beer and Bluetooth out to the garden, chillaxing. My SoundCloud weekly has been really coming through lately.

  8. Home from work to play with kids and hoping I can get them in bed before 8:30 so I can 30 minutes of peace with a beer before my tired ass is asleep on the couch. YOLO

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