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What are the top 5 qualities that you look for in a partner?

If you could build the perfect woman, what qualities would she possess?

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  1. 1. Not ugly. Doesn’t have to be hot but at least.. Hate to be like this but if I can never find you desirable a relationship won’t work. Attraction can build over time so it’s at least flexible.

    2. Not selfish/entitled

    3. Honesty

    4. Fidelity

    5. Understanding or empathy.

  2. 1. Ability to delay gratification in pursuit of meaningful personal and relationship goals. This person keeps an eye on the long game, and is less likely to be led astray by poor impulse control.
    2. Ability to self-reflect and understand her own role in her relationship dynamics, particularly her part in past relationship terminations. Understands her past and how it impacts her decisions and actions. Doesn’t use past trauma as a crutch or excuse.
    3. Curiosity about and acceptance of her partner. She wants to know how you think and what motivates you. If you do something seemingly wrong or neglectful, she’ll already know that it’s out of character for you, and want to understand what was in your head, rather than jump to conclusions of intentional neglect or dastardliness. She wants to understand and encourage the person that you are and are growing into, rather than the person she wants you to be.
    4. Communication skills, and openness/vulnerability with her partner. In an argument, is willing to fight fair, and look for compromise solutions that can benefit both partners. Some days it’s your day. Some days it’s her day.
    5. We’re interlocking and complementary in life skills, motivations, thought patterns.

    Obviously, since like attracts like, this gives me a lot to work on in myself, to be the equivalent of that very tall order.

  3. Attractive (to me)


    Smart (studies/career is fine but I mean day to day)

    Funny (in a clever kinda way)

    And last but certainly not least enjoys spending quality time with me and seeks it out

  4. Not wanting children (this is the most important for me), kindness, having a desire for adventure (not only for travelling but more in general), being curious and finally being caring and a little bit protective.

  5. Empathy

    Obsession with good fiction and video games

    Lack of interest in material things

    Absence of shame, ability to do what she wants, and ignore what society wantsexpects her to do


  6. For attractiveness / physical features:

    – Attractive face.
    – Petite frame.
    – Nice butt.

    For traits:

    – Extreme loyalty. If she has cheated when she is older than ~20, probably dont want anything to do with her. At that age you are old enough to know better. Only trashy disgusting fucks cheat.

    – Big heart. Kind to strangers, that sort of thing.

    – Good at communicating. Giving feedback / taking feedback, etc.

    – Down to earth / not materialistic / not high maintenance.

    – Mutual interests (for me its competitive games and music because Im a singer)

  7. Strong sturdy frame, good for agricultural labours.

    Healthy teeth and alimentary canal.

    Wife child bearing hips and very elastic pubic symphasis.

    Dark sad eyes, like those of a mule who knows they can never have a legacy.

    Giant gaping b-hole.

  8. I only need one Interesting . Every chick around kinda bores me. I don’t mean in the sleazy barney Stinson way it just seems so meh half the time. I didnt even know i was bores until a girl actually caught my interest

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