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What are the signs of an independent woman you look for in a relationship?

Or what does a relationship with an independent woman look like versus a relationship with a dependent woman?

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  1. They are honest with you. Women looking for something other than to be with you will often mask their true feelings. If they say things like “don’t worry about it” or “theres nothing wrong” when they are clearly upset, it’s a good red flag that they may be using you, and don’t want to start a fight that could cost them the relationship.

    Independent women will tell you the truth without trying to spare your feelings. They know what they want, and lying or beating around the bush isn’t going to get them anywhere. It’s honestly the best trait in a partner, or even a just a friend.

    Another good one is that they understand the need for alone time. Some girls seem to think wanting to spend the night on your own is a direct insult to them, like you don’t want to be around them. Independent girls don’t care if you want some alone time, cause they do too!

  2. 1) Being Franck, it shows she can assume her decisions

    Doesn’t shy out too much or excessively hide what she thinks on purpose

    Negative Examples: doesn’t dare order too much or what she likes at the restaurant, doesn’t ask for a drink, wait for the man to offer a drink. That’s a bit too old school for me; makes me think “are you a doll?”


    2) How does she compromise on disagreement. Can she defend her position with argumentation rather than just being upset and throw emotion.

    Can we maturely agree to disagree?

  3. It depends how you define independent, and how they do. Some women equate being independent to being abrasive and arrogant So really it’s about her being down to earth, sincere and genuine. .

  4. I am surprised I am the first person to say this but independent women pay for themselves or otherwise contribute financially to doing fun stuff. For dependent women that need a man to “provide” for them you are left picking up the tab for *everything*.

  5. She’d have a full time job and a car and be working towards her goals. Self sufficient, has her own interests, etc. Not sure what its like to date one, I’ll tell you when (if) I find one!

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