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What are some type of people you can’t stand?

People who can’t handle other peoples political opinions

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  1. People that [*rudely*] interrupt someone speaking to tell their story and especially those that don’t even acknowledge that they interrupted someone.

    Edit to add: I’m completely sympathetic to people who are aware that they do this and are trying to work on it. I edited my original comment to try to single out people who are just too self important to care that anyone else might be expressing themselves.

  2. One uppers. I get it man, your life is better than mine. Like this one dude at work has a terrible habit of doing this. You could say you did something and sure enough he did the same exact thing but the way he did it was way cooler and better than how you did it.

    Like always it never fails lol.

  3. The my life is worse than yours in every way. Seriously it’s not a competition, I have a coworker who we will call Mildred, one day my dog died, well her two kittens got ran over, my grandma passed away well hers died in a car wreck…

  4. People incapable of admitting they’re wrong or sorry. Just say my bad and move on, it’s really not that difficult.

    I dated someone that was incapable of apologizing. I spend an hour trying to get an apology out of something really mean and rude she said. She said she wanted to properly apologize, sure, so I waited. Two weeks to by, I ask again, her reply was “I wanted to get you a cake but it couldn’t fit ‘ I’m sorry I can be an ass, love you'” so she didn’t bother. Still didn’t get an apology.

  5. Bullshitters. I used to tolerate them and y’know you can exaggerate the truth a bit and I don’t mind. But more and more I realize that bullshitting is only one of their “vices” in a sense. BSing by itself is fine every once in a while if it doesn’t hurt anyone, but these types of people tend to be very unreliable, and untrustworthy too. Late, flaking, insincere, etc.

  6. People who take themselves too seriously. There’s a time and a place for certain things but I despise folks who don’t know how to at least occasionally have a laugh or two and realize that, at the end of the day, we’re all just tryna get paid and go home.

  7. The way to cool type. that shit on everything you bring up because they don’t know about it or because everyone knows about it. Or if you share a cool fact with them they have a frown like yeah of course I already knew that years ago instead of just enjoying the moment of an interesting or funny fact. I tend to avoid those types. It’s usually really difficult to laugh with them they tend not to find things very funny and don’t have a good sense of humor. I like people who understand and don’t judge so I’m going to try to understand them and try not to judge them but I just find myself not wanting to be around them. We all have faults.

  8. I stood in line at the grocery store for 15 minutes last night while this absolute Karen (complete with haircut) hassled the clerk about the coupon price for 40 yoplait yogurts. She scrutinized the total price, had her re-scan each of them and then audited the receipt before getting tf out of my way while a massive line formed behind me.

    So that is the kind of person.

  9. those who set up cameras to record a “good deed” and the post it on social media, and any/every version of that kind of behavior that transcends into the rest of the world; caring about how things are perceived as opposed to how things really are

  10. In terms of socially I’ve never gotten along with blunt people, nothing against them, in fact i kind of respect it, but i never click with them. Probably because I’m insecure and I know they can and will call it out.

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