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What are some tips for looking better in photos?

Basically, how to look natural without trying too hard or loooking like an idiot

* Posture
* Where to look
* How to stand
* What to do with your hands
* Where to face

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  1. Something that has helped me a lot was rather than trying to smile for the picture, just make yourself laugh. It’ll look a lot more natural and less “stiff” than a fake smile

  2. Relaxing is important, but try to avoid slouching. There’s nothing wrong with a smile! Everyone has angles that are either less or more flattering. Try to find out what yours is. I usually don’t like lower angles. We usually don’t like our pictures, because the image is mirrored from what we normally see, causing us to notice our own imperfections and asymmetry more. Try experimenting with lighting: it can make a huge difference. I prefer softer, natural lighting. Having someone else take my picture (or even a professional or hobby photographer) also tends to make a positive difference. There are great tutorials online about all of this.

  3. The most important thing is to smile. But it has to be a natural smile, so you have to think about a good joke or something that really makes you happy.

  4. just a few quickie tips:

    – have a short person take the pic, or at least ask them to hold the camera around chest level. makes you look a little taller and gets you looking down at the camera slightly

    – look at the tiny hole where the camera actually is, not at the middle of the phone. otherwise you’re looking slightly off center which can be mildly off putting.

    – be nicely groomed. nice, clean shirt with no wrinkles. haircut. trimmed facial hair.

    – don’t fake smile, but actually laugh. think of that time in 8th grade Jason farted in an assembly that got you sent to the principals because you couldn’t stop laughing. if that doesnt work, focus on smiling with your eyes so the corners get crinkled

  5. Push your chin slightly toward the camera. It feels awkward, but it elongated your neck and gets rid of any double chin action. Also, relax your eyes (as in, squint, but don’t actually squint). That will give ‘intention’ to whatever your expression is, like you’re actively thinking. Source: I’m a performer.

  6. Ask women, no honestly – they’re experts at perspective and poses. Men think posture or smile is the most important, but both of those fail completely with the wrong camera angle.

  7. Clench your jaw, press your tongue to the back of your teeth, stand up straight, and tuck your chin in a little. This is mainly if you are at a good body fat%.

  8. I like to make two types of faces when taking photos with either family or friends.

    The first one is the utter look of defeat, stare off somewhere into the distance with both your head and eyes facing downwards. Something like… If your favorite pet died or if your favorite show just got cancelled.

    The other one is the “creep”. Head downwards, eyes forward. Slightly adjust mouth as if you’re about to smile, but stop halfway.

    Seeing either of these in any photos later on, just cracks me up like nothing else I do.

  9. Personally I have a slight dad bod and I really notice it in photos so standing up straight, sucking in the gut a bit and puffing out the chest a bit, while also attempting to look natural, makes me feel like less like a rundown dad in the photos.

  10. Don’t overdo any facial expression, you don’t need to give a gigantic smile, a smaller one looks more natural.

    Where to look? That depends on what kind of photo it is, you could look straight into the camera or off to the side, try different ways with a friend and figure out what work for you.

    How to stand? This depends on you and what you like, you can try out different poses with a friend and figure out what you prefer.

    Hands, same as the last two points, try different poses and see what you like. It all depends on the kind of photo you want to capture.

    I prefer more natural photos, so when I pose I give the camera a small smile and tend to have something in my hands.

  11. Practice. You’ll feel like you look dumb for probably hundreds of photos until you start figuring out what works for you. My advice is to just keep at it. You’ll eventually find an angle or side of the face that you feel you look best from( an advice that Tom Ford gave in an interview).

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