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What are some things women should keep around the house handy for men?

Often you see women encouraging men to keep a box of tampons or hair elastics in theor bathrooms just in case. But what about you guys? What should we be keeping around just in case to make life easier for you?

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  1. I feel like there’s no good answer to this since every guy is different.
    Of course I dont want to say that all women are the same but what I mean is men dont really have something that all of them have to deal with which needs supplies, except shaving and deoderant but thats just a human thing. Maybe your SO’s favorite beverage or snack would be a good idea.

  2. The only things I can think of are a spare set of clothes, chewing gum/tic tacs, and like something in the freezer you just heat up and eat really quickly.

  3. Condoms. Seriously.

    So many women never buy condoms. Look, I get the mentality of the guy being the one required to carry it – I really do. I mean, we have the dick, right? And that is disregarding the fact that female condoms *do* exist.

    But one, sometimes I forget and/or end up in your bedroom without being prepared (ya know, like you ladies sometimes forget to carry around tampons, despite needing it every month), and two, it *greatly* puts my mind at ease. I know a lot of guys out there try to weasel their way into having raw sex and it makes me feel better to know that she’s conscious about STDs and takes care of herself, even if her partners goof.

    The vast majority of women I know don’t keep condoms at their place. And I live in a country where you can get decent free condoms too! Literally just walk into any hospital, grab a handful and leave. You don’t need to talk to anybody and you can get as many as you want.

  4. Basic tools, some should be slightly bigger and heavier than what you feel comfortable with.

    This is not just a gender thing, everyone should have a tool cabinet, most men tend to have this under control, but if you dont, regardless of gender, get some basic tools, as for why I mention weight and size of the tool, a lot of the time the weight and size of a tool like a hammer is important, you will probably meet someone who is stronger than you and needs bigger tools, this applies to men and women equally, so get heavier tools in adition to those that you feel comfortable with.

    What kind of tools do you need to have? There are two categories:

    Category A: Essensial. These tools should exist in every home, with them you at least have the posibility of sorting crap out even if it is not ideal.

    Category B: Nice-To-Have. These tools can vastly improve your situation, the are not critical, but are usually a good idea to keep around


    List is not an exhaustive list, this is what I consider to be the kind of tools everyone should have, I don’t know of the brands, I just wuickly searched amazon for particular tools to show as an example.

    The general rule of buying tools is that the first time you buy them you tend to cheap out, they will break, the second time you buy them, get the top brand, do you research before buying them a second time.

    When it commes to the power tools listed, they are far from allways the best option to use, they can help you a lot if you know how to use them, but they can hurt you badly if you are not carefull, if you can, speak with someone who knows how to use them and learn from them before using them.

    Category A:

    1. A standard screwdriver set – Example:
    2. A set of precision screw drivers – Example:
    3. A basic hammer – Example:
    4. A basic crosscut hand saw – Example:
    5. A nice and bright flashlight from a good brand – Example (ask /r/flashlights fore more specific recomendations) –

    Category B:

    1. An electric drill (note, power tools are dangerous, learn how to use them safely before attempting repairs at home) – Example:
    2. A jig saw (note, power tools are dangerous, learn how to use them safely before attempting repairs at home) –
    3. A dedicated workbench (if you have the space for it) – Example:
    4. A carpenters level –

  5. I’m assuming you mean like male visitors (dates) that you’re not living with

    I dated a girl once that always had male toiletries (body wash, an extra toothbrush) for me in her bathroom. I thought was thoughtful, you aren’t probably bringing a toothbrush on a date and it’s annoying to have to pack like you’re going on a trip when you are just having a sleepover at a woman’s house.

    Other than that – someone else mentioned food.. always nice to visit someone and they just tell you “Hey, there’s some meatballs in the fridge for you whenever you get hungry” or whatever. So it never has to be a discussion.

  6. A six pack of beer he likes. (or at least is OK drinking) Also, if you’re both drinkers, some Pedialyte or Gatorade in the back of the fridge is nice.

    An extra set of toenail and fingernail clippers, and a pair of tweezers suitable for plucking eyebrows that isn’t colored hot pink.

    Q-tips if he uses q-tips, because if he wants to clean his ears, that’s an itch that’s hard not to scratch when you have it.

    Dental floss. (or dental tape, or whatever he has at home). There is nothing worse than feeling a popcorn kernel just under your gums. Likewise, consider buying a new (cheap) toothbrush and keeping it in the box, in the wrapper, just in case.

    Buy a 3-pack of “Depends”-style underwear and hide it. Offer it up if he has the stomach flu when he’s at your place. The combination of rampant, sudden, unexpected shits plus massive fatigue will put your sheets (and his dignity) at risk. Wearing man-panties will hurt his pride, but will help your relationship a lot more than someone having to clean shit stains out of bedding.

    Neutral-colored slippers suitable for walking outside to the car in. Sometimes a dude’s got to leave the warm comfy home to get something from his car, and it’s nice to not have to choose between “lace up the boots” and “wear the floral print fuzzy slippers”.

    Condoms. Absolutely condoms.

    Dark-colored hand-towels. Nicking your face while shaving happens sometimes, and when the only towel you have as an option is white, pink, or yellow, it gets a little awkward.

  7. Hmm… I don’t really have anything I need besides hygiene products. But you know how they say a man love goes through his stomach… Well I’m working from home and my wife brings me berries and fruits every now and then and that melts my heart hahahah

  8. Basic goddamn tools. A set of screwdrivers, a set of *small* screwdrivers, duct tape, electrical tape, and spare cables for important stuff. If you know how to use it, a proper electric drill.

    Hair ties. As a guy with long hair, I’m forever losing the things, or breaking them, or finding they’re in the other trousers.

    Socks. One size fits all work socks.

    Basic shampoo. Not fancy girly stuff, not anything expensive, just basic shampoo.

    Emergency food supplies. Long-life stuff in the freezer, some basic tinned food. But that’s just good to have in general, in case you can’t leave the house for a few days. I’m not talking zombie apocalypse prepper, just a few days of basic meals.

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