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What are some things one should know when starting their first job ever?

What are some things one should know when starting their first job ever?

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  1. You’ll be amazed at how many people in the workforce lack basic life & social skills.

    Take a shower, wear clean clothes, show up on time, and be polite to people — you’ll be just fine.

  2. Don’t use every moment to show how smart you are.

    I don’t care how smart you were in college. I was a highest honors kid too. The fact of the matter is

    1. College is short. You didn’t learn as much as you think you did because you only had a few semesters that are even tangentially related to what we do.
    2. You learned a breadth of things, whereas companies tend to be depth focused. Laser focused on the thing they make.
    3. What we do is specialized in a way you haven’t seen yet. The smartest of the smart will take some time coming up to speed and learning what it is we really do and how it all fits together.

    Don’t try to demonstrate your knowledge to me. You don’t really ahve much yet. Come in and show your willingness to *learn*. Being smart means you’ll learn quickly, not that you know it all already.

  3. You are there for a paycheck not to make friends. If you make friends along the way AWESOME but you are there for you and your future. Nothing else matters. Can be weird, an asshole, funny whatever but the only thing that matters is you’re damn good at your job.

  4. Depends what job ur dream job then work hard be on time if it’s a job you Don’t want but u have to do find the average of everyone fast and work to that average you will find everyone works slower than the job can actually be done so don’t fuck urself and everyone at the start.

  5. Show up every day, every shift. It’s important. Be the first person to volunteer and dont ever feel bad about brown nosing, being useful is what leads to bigger responsibilities and better pay. The majority of entry level jobs for young people are menial and boring, so be friendly with your coworkers and help each other pass the time.

    To succeed all you need to be is reliable. If you are reliable you will walk away with a screaming recommendation that future employers will notice. A good reputation is everything when it comes to job hunting. A well written cover letter and good references will take you farther than anything else on a resume.

  6. Dont be the worst. Dont be the best. First job is to test waters, you aren’t building career there. Swim the comfortable middle ground and collect your paycheck.

  7. Don’t bust your ass doing extra things just to please them or favours like working late with out pay just to help out because if you work for a big company they don’t give a fuck about you your just a number smaller businesses like shops are a bit different

  8. Never forget that your company is NOT your family. Doesn’t matter what they say. They will tell you that you’re family, but at the slightest inconvenience, they are allowed to fire you.

    Do your job diligently and learn as much as possible, but never forgo an opportunity out of “loyalty” to your family.

    I’d say the exception to this is if you’re in something like a law practice or a PR agency where you want to become a partner or if you have some awesome benefits like a pension plan.

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