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What are some silly questions you’ve asked yourself lately?

I recently thought about whether the person who invented ocean-breeze products ever actually smelled the ocean. It smells nothing like that.

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  1. What was bothering me a lot lately is how cruel flypapers are. Just imagine.

    They’re just sticked to some kind of glue and literally starving to death, like damn that’s brutal af.

  2. I think a lot about how guitar chords were discovered. It boggles my mind so much how we can make sounds plucking at strings. I honestly have a harder time comprehending it than I do physics (although it is physics, in a way)

    So I was just thinking to myself how the hell did someone invent the B chord

    Granted I don’t know much about music theory, the answer might lie there

  3. Why don’t women have beards? Like I get the genitals you need two different things to produce a baby but what about facial hair? Like what’s the reason for the difference there.

  4. Most fruit flavored candy tastes nothing like the fruit they are named after. Watermelon and banana especially – those are now common flavors that have no real taste connection at all to the real fruit.

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