What are some pet peeves that really annoy you but they’re so stupid you know they shouldn’t?

What are some pet peeves that really annoy you but they’re so stupid you know they shouldn’t?

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  1. When people spell ‘lose’ like ‘loose’. Drives me nuts cause I read it as loose every time and it always throws me off. We learned the difference between these words in like first grade, it’s unbelievable to me that fully grown adults still don’t see a problem with this mistake.

  2. People who spell it “u” instead of “you”.

    People who construct questions on this sub like this: “Why men use Axe deodorant?”, instead of the correct: “Why **do** men use…”

    People who begin questions on Reddit with: “People/men of Reddit”… As opposed to… who, exactly?

    People who mix up “your” and “you’re”.

    The words “bro” and “fam”. Cringe.

  3. People who tell me back something I told them. It could be a new word, a story, a vacation spot etc. They will say it back to me in a day or so like it was their thought and it annoys the sh*t out of me!!

  4. It’s so dumb and doesn’t matter at all, but there is one thing that always gets me.

    People who think “funner” is not the acceptable comparative form of fun when using it as an adjective. What’s worse is they try to “correct” others when they legitimately don’t know what they’re talking about, kind of like people saying “octopi” instead of octopuses/octopodes. But at least with that one you can make a legitimate case for the “incorrect” version since it’s been a part of the language for quite a while now.

  5. I hate advertisements that don’t say anything about a product except how they want me to feel about it. I didn’t know this about myself until I went to the store to get a fruit/granola bar thing, grabbed a box of nutrigrain bars, started walking away with it, looked at the back to see what it would tell me (if it was actually healthy or all sugar) and the entire back just had a picture of one and the words “yummy! So good! Mmmm!” I put it back on the shelf and left empty handed. I don’t want to give money to a company that advertises like I am an idiot. I don’t know anyone else that cares so much about how something advertises, but I actively avoid any product that I think advertises like it thinks I am an idiot.

  6. I absolutely CAN NOT STAND when the guy that cuts you off claims he had the “right away”. WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! You went “right away” without having the “Right Of Way!”

    I have to stop at that one, or I might end up typing infinitely and never hitting “send.”

  7. I absolutely ***hate*** it when people end their sentences with “lol” like it’s a damn punctuation. Like an insane amount of hate for something so ridiculously harmless. But it makes you sound like a massive idiot.

  8. When people are commenting on an article and they copy and paste practically the whole article into the comments and then their original comment is like two words. Why would I want to read the article twice, just say what you are going to say.

  9. Everything in life if has an easy way to do it doing the dishes 2 to hoover the house there’s a technique don’t make it easy c&s work I get the hump when people don’t do it it the easy way

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