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What are some of the ways you flirt?

I know how to flirt straight up by giving compliments. I am looking to know how you can flirt very slyly which women find really hot. I want some real prime examples that worked for you.

PS. I’m in a relationship and i wanna make my girl have butterflies in her stomach like right before a relationship or when your crush talks to you by very sly flirting.

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  1. Depends. If girl looks shy, I am more down the earth. If girl is cocky, Im here to spice it up. Its all just game for me, nothing serious. If it ever becomes serious, I am not hiding my true self.

  2. Probably isn’t going to be the same as before a relationship, but don’t just give compliments. Tease her about something and have some playful banter. Then say something more risky… you know

    Example: say something about her style and clothing choices today (don’t be rude, just funny and smirk) at the end of the banter, say that she looks better without the clothes anyway…
    It’s better if you build the sexual tension during the day before attempting

  3. Bro I say keep being direct. If you’ve got charisma and you’re not a creep, then there’s nothing wrong with being forthright about finding someone attractive.

    Subtle flirting? If ever she’s in a room full of people you know, disregard everybody else and make sure you acknowledge and greet her first before anyone else. She’ll notice.

  4. It depends on the girl and on the fact whether its irl or ldr, most of the time lately i’m in lond distance relationships. So some girls melt when i describe what exactly i’d do to them if i was there right now. Some just don’t want to hear me saying that stuff but i guess that was like 1 person like that who just wanted to hear nice things and i still have no idea what she would have considered hot.

    Was playing this [game]( today and messaged my gf that i’m gonna bang her as my coins ingame keep flowing in and she knows sometimes there’s just a neverending flow so she got pretty horny and we even did a video chat after 😛

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