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What are some of the best value Cigars?

I’ve recently moved and haven’t met too many people yet, but I’ve really found peace in just chilling on the porch with a drink, a cigar, and a Bluetooth speaker. My question for you guys, does anybody have any go-to cigars/brands I can check out without dropping ridiculous amounts?

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  1. If you are not in the US I recommend a Cuban Monti Cristo 5. If you are an American look into Olivia series V Nicaraguan cigars. Very reasonably priced for the Quality. Olivia are made by former Cubans.

  2. I’ve been really into Perdomos for a while now. There is also some variety in the brand depending on what you are looking for. All the different lines I’ve tried from them taste good, burn nice, have good draw, and were overall just a pleasure to smoke.

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