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What are some non ohhhual actions that are considered “hot” by women (ie. Playing table pool, rolling up your sleeves, etc.)?

What are some non ohhhual actions that are considered “hot” by women (ie. Playing table pool, rolling up your sleeves, etc.)?

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  1. The consensus I get from the women in my life is to:

    Be able and willing to fix things. Could be a car, plumbing, electrical, anything really. Just be competent with your hands.

    Well liked by and able to handle animals. My GF absolutely loves how animals react to me, especially dogs.

    Be capable of taking care of children. I had an ex who never wanted children, yet any time she saw teaching one of my neighbor’s kids something, or feeding a baby, her sex drive went into overdrive.

  2. Generally a guy who is really good at doing something without expecting attention for it, that’s pretty nice. Like if someone has a skill they really developed just because.

    The hottest non-sexual thing a guy recently did was when we were walking along the street, and mid-conversation he stops and picks up a little snail from the sidewalk and put it carefully into the bushes, so it wouldn’t get stepped on. He didn’t say anything about it and just continued talking, which probably means he would have done it also if he’d been alone.

  3. I’m a woman, I can answer this!

    You got it right with rolling up your sleeves, other ones are: putting your hand on the head/back of the passenger seat while reversing the car if there’s a girl in the passenger seat (idk why but we find that suuuper attractive), working out (a friend of mine jumped up and started doing pushups in front of me when we were at an outdoor gym. A shame he was wearing a hoodie, forearms are attractive), when you take off a shirt by reaching over your head and then pulling it off, when you’re wearing a hoodie and you raise your arms a little and I get a sneak peek of the belly, talking passionately about something that’s interesting to you (a guy I know who was sort of attractive but nothing phenomenal started helping someone who was having issues with a maths/coding problem at my college, and I was standing next to him. Oml that was so hot), tbh just seeing a good looking guy walk around is enough, if we like you then no matter what you do it’s going to be attractive (apart from obviously unattractive things like picking your nose or being rude to people for no reason). When a guy acts stern or dominant, that’s hot too – like if he’s speaking confidently about pretty much anything, that’s attractive.

    Hope this helps!

  4. So the other day I was rubbing my hands with hand sanitizer and I saw a women do a double take on my arms while trying to look down. I guess my forearms flexing was interesting to look at

  5. I feel like it depends on how much they like you first, which is influential in turning a simple task from that’s cool, to “I want to jump your bones”.

    From my experience, it could be something like showing my nurturing side by patiently training my dog, which my GF thought it was a sign that I would be a good father figure; or something masculine like fixing a girl’s AC or clogged drain; to something as simple as reading a book on the lawn chair.

  6. Could be literally anything if you’re the right guy.

    A personal example of mine.. I was house/dog sitting for a coworker for a weekend, and I had my girl (at the time) over with me. I laid down to use a muscle roller. If it wasn’t someone else’s house, she would have jumped me right there on the living room floor. That did it for her right then for some reason.

    Other not-so-uncommon things are fixing a car, moving heavy things, reaching something for her, playing with children, playing with dogs, etc etc etc.

    So to reiterate, it could literally be anything.

  7. My girlfriend likes it when I work with my hands. Woodworking, casual home repair, and yard work.
    Apparently taking off my shirt with my arms crossed and going up is attractive and I’ve been trained to only take it off that way.

    Not super on topic because it’s not hot, but being able to sing or play an instrument. That always gets attention.

    I think it’s different for each person and if you have a partner you will be able to tell what they really, really like and you might subconsciously do that.

  8. Doing things with tools. Installing a shelf or tv on the wall. Chopping wood is a personal favorite. Also totally melty to see a big strong man being sweet and gentle with a child or animal.

  9. I don’t know why, but I’ve always thought men’s exposed forearms with glove covered hands are attractive. But only when competently performing their occupation. Like doctors and surgeons wearing gloves or military men wearing gloves and tactical gear while shooting. Something about performing their occupation professionally makes it attractive.

  10. wearing a fitted suit. having a fat wallet. being a chad.

    Really, they want social prestige, dick, resources, and resources for potential children. If you can show you have all that for them, and ONLY for them, that’s the sexiest thing you can do.

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