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What are some movies you think only male audiences will truly understand?

I’d have to go with David Lynch’s The Straight Story. It’s a true story about an old man who wants to visit his estranged brother after finding out he had a stroke. Since he can’t see well enough to drive a car, he rides a lawnmower 240 miles from Laurens, Iowa to Mount Zion, Wisconsin. The movie never discusses why he hasn’t seen his brother in so long, and the movie is mostly just him traveling by himself, and when he does talk to people it’s nothing really deep or emotional. I won’t say exactly what happens, but I will say that it’s nothing big or tragic. It’s the best depiction of the subtly of male emotions I’ve ever seen on film, and I feel like it might be too underwhelming for most female viewers if it doesn’t go over their head entirely. Honestly, I think The Straight Story (a G-rated Disney production) should be place alongside Fight Club and Gran Torino as one of the essential movies for men.

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  1. An Iranian film from 1997, *Taste of Cherry*.

    It’s about a middle-aged man, Mr. Badii, who has dug his grave, but needs somebody to cover his body with dirt after he’s committed suicide. He drives around the city talking to various men trying to recruit them for the job. That’s it. That’s the whole plot. To say that this movie is slow-paced is an understatement. We learn nothing about Mr. Badii, his backstory, or why he wants to kill himself.

    I feel like that profound alienation and isolation is something that would resonate with a lot more men than women. I saw it around the same time that *Fight Club* came out, and even though the two movies couldn’t be more different on the surface, it felt like the themes meshed well.

  2. No country for old men.

    Its about a homicidal maniac who kills people depending on a coin toss. and the story of the sherrif and bounty hunter who are after him. the killer is never given a clear, consise backstory, the other characters only get a basic intro that is just enough to move the plot along.

    What it is actually about is debatable, since the movie encourages the viewer to take things at face value. most of its focus is on the killer, and how the other characters are trying to take him down. although the hunter turns into the hunted frequently

  3. Heavy Metal (1984). Great soundtrack (don felder, Sammy Hagar, cheap trick, Nazareth, journey, Riggs, Stevie knicks, blue oyster cult). It also has a lot of wacky aliens and other sci-fi stuff. And a decent amount of naked chicks. Not a whole bunch of appeal to the ladies

  4. The old **James Bond** movies. They were all aimed squarely at teenage boys. I saw my first one at age 15 and even though it wasn’t the best one by far, it was like they had a direct line to every fantasy I had.

  5. “The Wild Bunch” – It’s about a bunch of men who had made a living, and lived by a code, in an era where that way of life was becoming obsolete. They are faced with either giving up or dying by that way of life, and also faced with adhering to their code into eventual doom, or slinking off in disgrace. Spoiler, they choose the former, in spectacular fashion. The movie has a lot that feels familiar if you are a man getting into your older years and feeling left out by the job market or that things are changing in ways that are unfamiliar and maybe unwelcome.

  6. Grisly realistic horrific war films, it probably takes a woman with a lot of imagination to picture what it feels like watching those movies as a man who has had to contemplate being subject to a draft if there’s a big enough war. I don’t think no women can get it, it just takes a greater than average capacity for imagination, and a genuine desire to understand.

  7. I don’t know if this movie hit at the right time for me. But, that new Pete Davidson movie, king of Staten Island. Being a young guy and struggling to find your place in society. Failing to meet society’s expectations and the social norm.

  8. The Boat – no women in it (ok ref to girlfriend and wife only)

    Fight club


    American Beauty

    Shot Caller

    Let’s go to Prison


    Play misty for me

    Full Metal Jacket

    Apocalypse Now (extended version with French settlers and sex with Playboy bunnies)

    Essentially any movie characterised by:

    – Women (especially mother) not being shown in a positive light.
    – Films where men succeed in life without women
    – Films that show the reality of a man in any relationship with a abusive woman

    Bizarrely enough I know a few women who are very negative about Breaking Bad as well.

  9. Deliverance. Basically explores the dynamic between a group of guys that get along at different levels, the guys run into some trouble on a kayaking trip and you see how different aspects of masculinity come into play

  10. Jeremiah Johnson. A (fantastic) Robert Redford movie from the 70s about a newly minted mountain man and his new life. Really not much dialogue, not too much in overarching plot, just not something I’d imagine a woman would like all that much.

  11. I’m a girl but I’m gonna throw temptation of St. Tony as a guess to a film that men probably find more relatable. Mostly because the main character is repeatedly judged by his appearance, class, job ect. And he seems to go through life like his actions mean absolutely nothing. He’s compelled to do the right thing, yet his actions never even seem to matter.

  12. Warrior (2011), with Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte. The bond between brothers, love-hate relationship of father-son, and putting your body on the line for your family.

    It’s slow and subtle at first. I’d go as far as to say that if you’re not a brother or father, you won’t be able to fully appreciate this movie.

    Plus the MMA fighting. Recommend all men to watch it at least once.

    Edit: Don’t look at the trailer, just head straight to the movie. It’s the best possible way to watch it.

  13. any 80s arnold swartzenagger flick. all cliche everything blows up (long before michael bay came along) lots of gunplay and minimal (cheezy) dialog with obligitory dad jokes.

    and a big fight scene near the end. where arnie kills other dude and walks away.

    or any old clint eastwood dirty harry movie: bad guy gets shot, clint doesnt talk much. obligitory dad jokes. (see a pattern here?)

    or it has a car in it. yup car flick like original gone in 60 seconds not that trash with nicolas cage and god aweful angilina jolie. because the car is the star.

  14. *only* male audiences? None, there will always be at least a few women who understand it as well as men do, and many if the director did a good job conveying emotions/experiences.

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