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What are some good conversations starters to break the ice with strangers?

What are some good conversations starters to break the ice with strangers?

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  1. Here is a secret. The key to start any conversation is to say something about a shared experience. The statement should be open ended and relevant to the situation. It should always be neutral but interesting. “Holy Smokes this is long line” I waited less for Bowie tickets back in the day. Then listen. Always listen. What come next is based off the response. Look at this one. So you want to talk to strangers… What did your mom say about that? I am professional conversationalist. Not kidding. This is how I feed my family. Most times you will fail. PM me if you would like to know more. I do this for living.

  2. Depends entirely on the situation, but if you’re in the south whatever slogan for the biggest college team in the state works. Roll tide is a pretty standard getting here, then you can chat about the biggest recent win. Your question was vague. You trying to make friends or get dates? Are you at work or at the supermarket?

  3. ITs all situational. Bar? Hey man what are ya drinking? Recommend anything?

    Ask/compliment someone on their attire. Neighbor’s dad had some awesome shoes and we ended up talking for 20 minutes about them randomly one day.

  4. I have been practicing casual talk with classmates who I’m not close with and I always just ask about how their class went or ask about an exam, sometimes I ask about something that I even had the answer to, usually it is easy to keep on talking from there.

  5. Anything YOU know at least something about literally just dont think speak your mind its easy. For me when i talk to guys it often starts with a job or a cars topic and with girls its about fashion food favourite drink just need to know where to start then conversation caries itself

  6. Just ask an open ended question about them, like an interest or something. Let them talk, ask questions based off that, occasionally rephrase it or ask to clarify it. Youll say little and they’ll talk for the majority of the time and you’ll learn a ton and come across as a great listener. This works on most people but some just don’t wanna talk

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