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What are good ways to stay motivated?

I always seem to lose interest in hobbies or activities after a couple of weeks. Any tips to stay motivated?

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  1. So I discovered for me personally that having specific goals and somewhat tangible results is helping.

    I am someone that gets bored by a lot of stuff really fast. However, I have taken up piano lessons and this is the first time in a very long time I found an interest where I can actually sit down and practice every day for at least an hour.

    So a goal for example would be to learn to play a song. However, I am still very new and I need to start with parts of the song first and that is also fine. When eventually you see(hear) tangible results after the practice and you can play the song completely that is really satisfying.

    Even when learning to play the piano is and learning to read notes is quite hard at I somehow keep motivated because I focus on small goals and it feels really great to see actually progress at something.

    Anyway, interchange learning piano with basically any kind of hobby/skill.

  2. It’s possible you’re dropping the hobby because it doesn’t *really* interest you. That’s okay to try it and drop it if you don’t really feel like doing it anymore. Move to something else – it gets you closer to something you will truly love.

  3. For me it’s a vision.
    I like working out yeah, it makes me calm.
    But the vision that one day I’ll be even a little bit closer to looking how I want and being as strong as I want.. that’s enough for me.

    I know I might not be as muscular as I’ll want or as lean and I’ll definitely not be as strong as I want.
    But hey if in 3 years I’ll be able to look at my stats now and smile itll all be worth it

  4. Go up into the mountains alone and take a swig of whiskey. Slap yourself in the face, and scream out into the wilderness your desires and fears, then go for a walk a ways, and punch a tree until you’re on your knees crying, and then get back in your vehicle.

  5. Set goals with many small subgoals. For me right now it is running, I want to run 5k and I’m doing couch to 5k. While my overall goal is 5k, I’m working towards just finishing the current week. When I finish the current week then my next subgoal will be to finish next week. This way my goal is achievable in a realistic amount of time.

  6. Motivation can never be relied upon. It comes and goes with the wind. That’s why you need to cultivate discipline. Discipline is steady and reliable. It will get through the dry spell in motivation.

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