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What age were you when you first felt old? What caused you to notice?

What age were you when you first felt old? What caused you to notice?

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  1. There’s no single age. It creeps up on you slowly. Getting more minor (for now) aches and pains. Slower healing/recovery from injuries. Getting diagnosed with high cholesterol.

    Mentally, things just start losing novelty. Nothing is really “new” anymore. It’s all just variations on something I have experienced before.

  2. Right now. I’m 22 and I’m soon 23 (in two months).


    I used to be friends with this one guy, when we were friends his youngest brother was a toddler. Incapable of speaking, barely capable of walking. I just saw on facebook that he’s 13 now, and is acting/behaving like a typical teenager.


    I used to know him when he was a baby, now he’s older.


    It makes me feel very old even when I’m not old. Heck, technically I’m still mentally a child. But still. I don’t like aging.

  3. So, did not really “feel old,” but I was first acutely aware of my age by age 27. Volunteering with a bunch of kids, I realized that many of my favorite video games when I was their age are now older than they are. And time only marches on…

  4. Like a year ago maybe. My gf came to me with the video asking if when you think something is funny do you put a laughing emoji or a skull? I was like, “Why the hell would i put a skull?” And my gf is like, because they’re saying ‘I’m dead’ when something is funny now. And then the video elaborated on more ‘new slang’ and i immediately turned to both Clint Eastwood and Red Foreman at the same time. Then i saw on a stream on YouTube some people are saying ‘pog’ instead of ‘cool’ now and everything just feels so cringe. Also all the girls with the septum piercings and birth-control glasses.

  5. When I was 27.

    I was a PE teacher in university, and until this year students called me by my first name.

    And they started to call me sir. 18 to 24 years old guys !

    First time it happened, I looked behind me to see if they spoke to another person.

  6. Around 31. My hip has been going and it’s making mounting/dismounting my bikes harder. Believe it’s arthritis setting in as I haven’t rode most of the summer. The layer of plushy fat around my midsection probably isn’t helping.

  7. 30 Started getting aches and pains that didn’t go away in a few days. 3 years later and they’re all still here.

    I know it’s going to get worse, and worse, and worse. Can’t wait.

  8. 28 for me, but I don’t think it was the age as much as the circumstances. I was disconnected from my group of friends over COVID that I typically would see every 2-3 weeks. This summer when I resumed seeing them it seemed like a decade had passed. 3 have kids on the way, 2 are engaged (had not even met the ones fiancé yet), and another 3 had bought houses.

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