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What advice should every father teach his daughter?

What advice should every father teach his daughter?

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  1. Don’t rely on a man to help you; make sure you can take care of yourself perfectly fine. That way if a guy isn’t treating you how you want, kick him to the curb.

  2. Advice for my daughters is you want a partner! Not a man child, not a project.
    Someone who is equal to you. So first make yourself worthy of the person you want to be with and then make sure they are worthy of you.

  3. “Guys will say **anything** to get into your pants.” –me, to my 14-year old daughter.

    Taught her how to render someone unconscious, kick a solid field goal in American football, the motto of “question everything” (sometimes to my dismay), how computers work, and the moment someone raises their hand to you, you’re DONE with whatever relationship existed.

    And finally, if you need help – regardless of how or why you’re in a situation – CALL and we’ll get you safe.

  4. What is between your legs is unfortunately something that gives you inherent value. Don’t give it up easily. **Require a committed relationship before engaging**.

    You’ll be infinitely happier with yourself than if you engaged in casual sex with men that only want you for your body.

  5. Buy a set of tools and know how to use them.

    If someone knows more than you listen to them, if they don’t, don’t.

    The Internet is forever.

    If you pull a weapon on someone be prepared to use it.

    Treat people as you would be treated, and make sure you enforce that on both you and them.

    If you are going to get in trouble because of a bad idea, make sure it was your idea.

    These are all unisex tbh.

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