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What about pregnancy (if anything) do men find ohhhy/attractive?

What about pregnancy (if anything) do men find ohhhy/attractive?

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  1. Depends on the guy, but a few things:

    – There’s something primally sexy about knowing that her machinery works, so to speak.

    – No risk of new pregnancy with sex

    – Bigger boobs.

    – For some scrawny women, the baby weight actually makes them look better overall.

  2. I find the commitment to family and the commitment to something extremely difficult really attractive. Pregnant women can also just carry beautifully. Not everything about pregnancy is attractive, but that’s par for the course as humans. I feel like this would also strengthen your bond if done in a healthy way. Usually the more connected I feel to a person the more attracted I begin to feel.

  3. Being there for my wife as we both gain weight together and make her feel as if she’s not alone, also having to go to doctor’s appointment for the ultrasounds. — that’s what I remembered a lot when my twin sister was pregnant with her kid and it meant a lot to me; she would get so sad when I didn’t eat.

    Went from 180lbs to 200lbs in just a month (she was on her last term by that time) and it made me realize how much I want to be a dad someday; which is why I don’t believe I’m actually gay but bisexual.

  4. What is pregnant cannot get pregnant.

    I ended up in a jail in Pittsburgh many years ago. One guy was lamenting about how the best pussy is pregnant pussy…even better if it is someone else’s pregnant pussy.

  5. For me it’s just…”exotic” ! Growing up I built my fantasies on what was portrayed as sexy on TV or in porn. I put in boxes what is and is not supposed to be sexy and seeing someone not supposed to be sexy in a sexual manner can somehow do it for me. Pregnant women, nerdy girl, etc… It’s all about contrast with what is expected.

  6. For those of us for feel attracted to them, it’s something we can’t really explain beyond saying that were into that. More than that those of us that do find it attractive can be more than a little ashamed of that attraction so often we don’t even admit it.

  7. I only like it because I can finish inside them with no worries. But if they have a big belly or are large then im not interested. We are talking about just in general right? Right.

  8. Something that hasn’t been mentioned yet:

    Men like winning, and there’s three types of winning at sex. The first is you orgasming. That’s worth almost nothing, 5 minutes and some privacy and I can have an orgasm. The second is her orgasming. That’s special, it means you have done your job well. The third is getting her pregnant because that’s the sign that everything you’ve done worked.

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