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Video: Vigilantes chase, whip women in 'anti-prostitution' raid on Peru night club

Disturbances broke out at a nightclub in western Peru late on Sunday (January 5) as a local vigilante group chased dozens of scantily-clad women from the club, whipping and shoving them.

A video shot by the Decentralized Committee of Urban Rounds of Cajamarca and distributed to local media showed masked and hooded members of the unofficial group descending on the Alondra nightclub. Some 50 women, believed to be club employees, were seen fleeing the building as the vigilantes lashed them with whips.

The video also showed the group members fighting with men who emerged from the club and forcing club employees to do push ups.

According to local media, the group said that it conducts these kinds of operations to eradicate prostitution and crime.

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