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Using your own experience what would be a dating advice/tip you would give to a guy that begins to date for the first time?

Are there any do’s and don’t you feel everyone needs to know? Maybe there is something I should especially consider about my own behaviour before dating?

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  1. Be yourself and don’t pander or be desperate. A date is to be a time when both try to have fun while getting to know the other one, not about only selling yourself.

  2. Be yourself and have fun. If you’re feeling a little insecure about it, do an activity, bike ride, hike, or something like that. Try to make a friend and don’t put a lot of pressure on it.

  3. Let your intentions be known in a polite fashion. If you meet up with a woman and you like her sexually or romantically but you don’t feel encouraged by her to press the issue just tell her you’d like to see her like that. If she says she likes you as a friend be honest with yourself if you’d like her as a friend and can stand her dating other people than you in the future. If either answer is ‘no’ let it go, there’s gonna be other people who vibe better with you. Making a new friend is great, being a low key resentful orbiter is not

  4. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You don’t have to be perfect. People care about nice people who are considerate. If that’s how you go about it, it should also be what you should expect from the other person. Remember, they don’t know you at all. Slow down, show them who you are in small ways. Trust yourself and be respectful, to them and to yourself.

  5. Do – Try to find common ground for a conversation starter. Books, games, shows, etc.

    Don’t – Be rough or violent. Most people don’t want to be around people who are easily angered and physically or verbally violent towards others or them

    Do – Be polite and don’t be too pushy

    Don’t – Be clingy. Nobody likes people who are too obsessed, attached, or stalker-ish

  6. If you’re short (below like 5’11) and don’t have a string jawline, don’t bother, women won’t want you anyway. 10/10s get all the likes/attention on apps anyway.

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