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University experiences for mature aged full time workers

Hi all,

Potential mature aged student here, never been to university, pretty smooth-brained ape tier intelligence so I struggle with the university terminology. Managed to work out i’m an undergrad though.

Cutting to the chase, i’m a bit frustrated that universities like Griffith/QUT/UQ don’t offer a bit more of a clear explanation on what programs/courses can be done online, on-campus attendance requirements, and limited flexibility for people who work full time. To be fair, Griffith and QUT are pretty clear what courses are online capable, but just limited in the range on offer. UQ has the perfect program/course outline but unless you attend in person seems like not an option. i.e. What is Part Time? Is that online or in person etc? Confused.

All of that being said, it’s not really an option for me to not work full time (mortgage, bills, dumb adult responsibilities etc) so i’m reaching out to the community for experiences with online study. I’ve read A LOT of reviews about online universities, all seem to get shit on to some extent. Some are bitter scathing reviews of the technology supporting them, some are the lack of support from lecturers, some are quality of recordings etc.

My interests – Psychology primarily, specifically neuro. Goal would be to do something in neurology or sports psychology. Bachelor of Science (Major Psych, Minor Neuro) at UQ would be perfect for me, or even just full Bachelor of Psychology.

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I’ve looked at Deakin, UNE, Swinburne, Charles Sturt – the student reviews make me not want to even bother, but I realise online reviews can more often than not sway towards the negative because people are pissy about something.

What are your experiences? Is anyone studying similar online, where are you studying, do you like the course, is this tech garbage, is your lecturer a prick who marks you down with no feedback?

By the way, I would totally be open to evening or weekend class attendance, that just seems to not be on offer at the Grif/QUT/UQ.

At this point the old career change doesn’t seem like a viable option unless I can save enough money to pay all my bills for 4 years and study full time.

Thanks in advance for any insights you might be able to offer.

TLDR – where can I study psychology online that isn’t a shit experience, and will give me a credible bachelors degree that doesn’t get laughed at my others in the industry.

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