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Underwear preference – Is it boxers or tighties or thongs? And the biggest question is why?

Underwear preference – Is it boxers or tighties or thongs? And the biggest question is why?

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  1. Boxer briefs, especially the sportier ones.

    They don’t feel tight, they breathe well, junk feels perfectly in place.

    I had one pair of boxers and I hated them, they were too loose and if ever my boxers shifted it would snag on my dong with the seems (I think that’s the term) and I never wore them again.

    I find normal briefs are okay but they feel tight.

    Anything smaller is just uncomfortable.

    Never even knew men had thongs.

  2. Boxers for loose pants and casual situations. Snug boxer briefs for sports activities and tighter fitting pants, and I’ve been meaning to pick up some thongs for when wearing leggings cause I hate the underwear lines.

  3. I default to boxer-briefs because they’re a nice middle ground between support and comfort.

    But I also have a few pairs of briefs in my underwear drawer for going to the gym or biking, when I don’t want my junk going anywhere.

  4. Boxer briefs, specifically ones with a pouch.

    I’m a chubby knock kneed guy, my thighs rub, so boxer briefs keep them from chaffing plus pouch undies make it so my balls never stick to my leg, even on the hottest days.

  5. Thongs. I find them far more comfortable than boxers or briefs especially when wearing tight trousers or leggings. Plus I have a nice butt so they help show it off. I have a few gstrings and briefs too but I mainly wear thongs.

  6. At this point i’m like 50/50 on boxer briefs and thongs. It depends on the type of pants that i’m wearing. Looser fitting jeans and gym shorts then i’m wearing the boxer briefs. Dress pants, khakis or anything a little more snug gets the thong. Honestly the thong was kinda weird at first but i now find them to be the most comfortable. Minimal cloth keeps me cool and no bunching up or riding up.

  7. Boxers. Always Boxers. Briefs are just horrible to me all the way around. I dont like everything held tight, all bunched up. I want some freedom of movement. I also don’t like the way they look. Boxer briefs don’t look bad to me, but I still find them uncomfortable. They still feel somewhat restrictive, and they ride up my legs sometimes. Also, I live in a hot climate, so boxers are the best way to let everything breathe. I’ve tried the others, and I end up squirming and adjusting all day.

  8. Boxers, they’re just simple, cheap and comfortable.

    You can even save some money when buying those without that side opening (no idea how that’s called).

  9. Recently just switched to boxer briefs after wearing boxers since I can remember.

    Got tired of how loose boxers are and having to fix them and readjust them and the package all the time. Boxer Briefs keep everything snug just right but still have that boxer length which I like.

  10. For me it’ll be the briefs just for the look and the support it offers for the boys. I own all three main styles, but the boxers just bunch up in my pants and gets uncomfortable at work. Boxer briefs are great too, they’re my second choice.

  11. I use a mixture of boxers and boxer briefs. Sometimes it’s too hot and I’ll wear boxers and sometimes I need support, so I’ll wear boxer briefs.

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