Two people missing after pushing car in floodwaters at Nanango


February 11, 2020 07:42:14

A man and a woman who were last seen with their car in floodwaters in Queensland’s South Burnett region are missing.

Police said the pair were last seen pushing the black Ford Falcon in floodwaters at Nanango on the Burnett Highway just after 8:00pm.

The car was later found abandoned.

Police want anyone who may have given the couple a lift, or know their whereabouts to contact them.

There were multiple swiftwater rescues overnight.

A man and a woman were found clinging to a tree on their real-up mattress after drifting away from their campsite in floodwaters at Morayfield, north of Brisbane.

A man was trapped in his flooded car for 25 minutes after it was washed off the road at Willawong in Brisbane’s west.

At Yalangur, north-west of Toowoomba, two people were rescued when their car washed off the road.

The flooding came as parts of South East Queensland were hit with torrential downpours.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Matt Bass said the heaviest rain was in the upper Brisbane Valley west of Kilcoy, where Gregor Creek recorded 102 millimetres in one hour.

“[There was] extreme sort of rainfall through there and that has resulted in some minor to moderate flooding in the upper reaches of the Brisbane River above Wivenhoe Dam,” he said.

“Now of course that will just flow into the dam and will not cause any issues further down.

“Yeah, 100 millimetres in an hour is very intense sort of rainfall we don’t see too frequently so in that particular area where that rainfall fell I’m sure there was significant river rises and flash flooding for sure.”

Seqwater said the water grid increased by just over 1 per cent overnight, bringing it to 58.8 per cent capacity.











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February 11, 2020 06:55:42

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