Trump says he'd delete his Twitter account 'in a heartbeat' – live news stream

ABC News’ Jon Karl asked Trump if he’d consider just deleting his Twitter account and the president said “I would do that in a heartbeat” if it weren’t for fake news.

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  1. Must be what Putin tells you to do! Just call everything fake unless it comes out of your mouth. We, the large majority know you are the FAKE we need to get rid of!!!

  2. Like the Nike commercial said "Just do it" President Trump face it YOU ARE A CHILD AND DO NOT HAVE THE BALLS TO DELETE YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT! Show America you have the balls to do it you sniveling little brat!

  3. Remember at least things that you care about and remember that the President, Congress and the Senate will determine how these things that you care will affect your life. Go Vote Fool!

  4. I Really Hope TRUMP Continues His Twitter Frenzy…..It's All Evidence That THE TRUMP Administration Is Responsible For 100,000 & Rising Deaths From Covid19!!!!..They Are All Guilty Of Dereliction Of Duty #lockthemup….

  5. "So I am able to refute fake news. And that is very important".

    Twitter puts a small heads up, label on 2 of Trumps, own Fake News/ intentional misinformation. (basically suggests, the info in The President's tweet, should be fact checked).

    So the spoiled child President is gonna sign executive orders, to do what? Allow for him to lie to the world and Americans, freely. Without any accountability.
    Less then 6 months from election day. And The Donald is, displeased by the lack of 100% backing of him alone, on his biggest platforms.
    He's been pissed @ Foxnews and Twitter. The 2 safe spaces, his cult, can usually attain, an unfiltered serving of Brainwashed stew.
    How has his heads not exploded?

    🙉 Global pandemic (he hoped, wouldn't be so bad)
    😯 highest rate of job loss in recorded history
    🥊 Destroyed his precious economy.
    👍 He has been, forced to give up golf for almost 3 months.
    🧬 Public/world view is Trump lied, denied, mismanaged and his inactions have left 100,000 dead Americans and 1.7 million sick. (Maybe as high as 8-10 million sick. As testing is rotten).
    😯 All his platforms are falling out below his feet.
    ⚰No more daily task force cult briefings about boofing and drinking bleach!
    🙉 Foxnews isn't hiding the terrible poll #'s of Trump.
    💊 Jack Dorsey's balls have dropped. He seems to be willing to, apply Twitter policies to Trumps account. BRAVO! Trump's respect for facts, are at the Alex Jones levels.

    🥊 The thing that has Trump most upset….. No self aggrandizing, center of attention, 2+ hour rallies. NO Arenas full of 10's of Thousands of adoring, Low IQ idiots, chanting moronic slogans.
    The Donald Lives for his rallies! Center Stage. Microphone all to himself. An adoring audience of uneducated, cousin marrying, dental health challenged angry white trash.
    How has he not cracked yet?

    I hope every athlete in Minnesota (wild, t-wolves, Vikings, and Twins) Kneel, during the Anthem, introductions, 7th inning stretch. And doing ANY POST GAME INTERVIEW, with a Reporter. Kneel! Or refuse to do the interview.

    Boys I am a huge mma fan. So I have wet my beak. But I am seriously missing the NBA & MLB.

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