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Trump defends taking hydroxychloroquine – live news stream

The president defended his use of hydroxychloroquine when asked if it was OK for him to promote when health experts, including the Food and Drug Administration, have warned of serious side effects.

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  1. Trump is like the crazy Brazilian president, he wants the American people to go back to work and drop dead from coronavirus to help his rich cronies remain rich. Trump doesn’t give a damn if people die, all he’s worried about is his re-election. This evil clown must be expelled from office, and he deserves to be jailed.

  2. Like Trump, the Trump supporters are full of rage and spitefulness. But their spite clouds their reason and makes their behavior look bizarre and self-defeating to all others. After watching their peculiar behavior for four years, it is obvious that their problem is Low Intelligence, which has no cure.

  3. I think he is lying,he is a selfish person, he will never put himself in danger like that, talk is cheap. I have to see it to believe it.l don't believe a word he said.

  4. Trumpybear, no one equates anything you do with being smart. The only reason he is popping Hydroxy like M & M's is because the White House staff hid all of the Clorox and Tidy Bowl.

  5. Remember trumps words when you vote ladies. To female reporters…enough out of you…blood coming out of her eyes,blood coming out of everywhere…their no Donna Reed,fictional character who to caters to her husband. trumps says, I have money so I can get any woman I want and do what I want. Look at that woman's face, who would vote for her. He hates women unless they are servicing him. Research, he doesn't speak to men this belittling way. Mommy issues maybe.

  6. My wife is a pharmacist in an area where there are regional trauma centers and major surgery centers. She told me that starting early, she was filling prescriptions for area doctors and surgeons for THEIR family members. She knows her drugs and she knows doctors. They were getting the kinds of quantities for this to be used as a daily preventative. She then explained how HCQ could very well prevent a COVID infection from taking hold and putting someone out of commission for a while. She told me that for someone without underlying organ issues (heart, liver), extended use is as safe as taking acetaminophen daily.
    This is a common drug and has been used for decades. In the case of someone as important as the president of the US and at his age, the benefits of 200 or 400mg of HCQ paily far outweigh any risks – real, imagined or incorrectly reported.

  7. You guys elected a joker. Watch the circus now
    United States citizens this is your leader.
    The idiot in chief just never stops talking.
    Dementia and daily tanning is a deadly combination. His brain is FRIED!

  8. This guy needs to be officially declared mentally incompetent. In the midst of a global pandemic, where lives are on the line, we need trained professionals to help us through these tough times.

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