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Toms Confectionery Warehouse

Was wondering why they had been closed for a while and just received this email update.

Sadly in June this year Tom passed away. TCW went into liquidation and was going to come to an end.

Since then New Owners have come in to revive TCW!

We’re very fortunate to have this outcome to keep Tom’s Legacy alive with our new owners.

With this new ownership we are taking the time to renovate our Hendra Site so it will be amazing when we re-open! Due to COVID etc our exact open date is not fixed but we aim for End of September or October to be reopen.

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In the meantime our new owners restaurant in Pilpel will be the location to get your sugar fix!

Located on the corner of Sutton & Creek Street in Redcliffe our remaining stock has been set up in the function room and has been discounted by 20% !!!!

Open Thursday to Sunday from 10am to late you can come down and get your favourites.

We hope in the coming weeks to have the online store up and running and will notify via email when we are live.

We thank you for your patience as we rebuild and look forward to seeing you all when we reopen!

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