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Those of you who took accutane as a teenager for acne, how did it affect your growth?

I took it when I was age 16 and a half and never grew taller anymore afterwards. I just recently found out that accutane can stunt growth and now I’m worried. Since I cant do anything to reverse it, I try not to stress it. How has accutane affected you?

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  1. I never knew that of accutane . I took it around 16 also. The only thing they told me was not to get anyone pregnant while on it. I’m 6’2 same as my father was. So I don’t believe it effected me at all except a lot less acne.

  2. I was on a generic of it and started when I was 15ish. I grew a little bit after that but not much, maybe another couple of centimeters. My growth only stopped completely around the same time I started taking Ritalin for my adhd at 17

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