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Those of you who make more than 100k a year, how do you like your job?

Those of you who make more than 100k a year, how do you like your job?

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  1. It’s boring, but gives a lot of PTO so I can’t really complain.

    Never going to find another IT job where I get 8 weeks off every year and I’m only on-call one week every other month, so I’m milking it for as long as I can.

  2. It has moments when it’s stressful as fuck and my wife doesn’t understand how I can put up with it

    But I fucking make bank and I like having money

    Our kid is grown and I have no interest in whatever a middle aged man is supposed to be interested in.

  3. It’s fine. I chose the field because I was good at it and I don’t hate it. Stays varied enough that I don’t get bored.

    I do it because it affords me the lifestyle I want and the hobbies I want to persue.

  4. I should say I’m borderline ($95k base, bonus puts me over $100k), but I like it a lot! I do marketing for a publishing company. I work with lots of cool people on a variety of projects, and get to be both creative and analytical. The work-life balance is solid too.

  5. IT ( Operational side not Development/Coding side).

    Been in this field for over 20 years. I enjoy it, it is something that comes naturally to me (in a manner of speaking). I am on the *back 9* right now (check my user name haha).

    The career has brought me a great deal of self confidence in addition to both personal and professional growth.

    I am by no means rich….but I am a wealthy man in my eyes as I have a family that I never dreamt I would have. Two wonderful children and a wife that is my absolute ride or die. Together 30 years and married 27 next week. My family is happy, healthy and secure.

    I have been able to comfortably support (as the main source of income) my family, raise two children with my wife ( they are now 21 and 18) and provide a path with options to them that neither myself or my wife had.

    When I have worked for a company that I did not like, I left with the ability to continue moving forward and upward on my path.

    I should note that I have chosen to stay inside the privately held arena of IT rather than publicly traded companies. That said – – I have only had the “I don’t like this company” vibe once and I knew that the first day I showed up- – – 8 months later I was gone. That was 9 years ago.

    All of this from a career path that I chose and worked my ass off to build upon.

  6. Love the work I do but fucking hate management! Our management cares ZERO about employees who actually DO the real WORK. All they care about is shareholders and how they look in the eyes of those above them.

    Plus my team has more managers than workers and ALL of them are in the $175k+ range. They get pissed if we don’t make at least 50+% profit margin on a job. This all started in 2015 and has only gotten worse. Prior to mid-’15 our profit was expected to be 25%.

  7. I work in Construction Management as a Project Manager. I think I hit the jackpot for someone with ADHD. Every day is different; I’m bouncing between reading contracts like a lawyer, specifying bolts like an engineer, making small design decisions like an architect, and going out and shooting the shit/directing workers like as superintendent.


    5 years out of school making about $130k + company car and bonus. PTO kinda sucks @ 3 weeks but whatever.

  8. It’s fine, I put up with the cons because the pros outnumber them. Despite my current income I could be making 20%-30% more a year with a different job (government vs private sector) but the work life balance is too good with this job and young kids to give up.

  9. Construction site superintendent.

    I wouldn’t say I love my job but I certainly don’t dread going to work. I stay on top of what I need to do and push people who are not keeping up with their tasks. As long as I have done all that is in my power if we don’t meet a deadline I don’t let it stress me out.

  10. Am senior software engineer and it’s great. Most places let you from home, even before the pandemic. We’re in high demand pretty much everywhere. We’re flexible enough to fit just about any tech role in the future. We’re paid to learn new tech and make fun things.

  11. I love my job. I have a professional degree in a very specialized field that is small. I think only like 4-6 thousand people in the US have the same job as me. I also have nearly crippling imposter syndrome. Just wait until they find out that I actually have no idea what I’m doing! The only thing that makes me feel better is remembering what it was like my first year on the job when I REALLY had no idea what I was doing.

    I’m a clinical medical physicist, by the way.

  12. Love it. I work six months out of the year. The other I have state contracts and pay someone to supervise. The six I work its seven days a week. 12 to 16 hour days. But it’s worth it

  13. it’s alright. I’m hardly passionate about the product I sell, but the team are good people and resources are plentiful, so my job is mostly easy to do with little frustration.

    Otherwise I work fully remote so I have quite a bit of flexibility too. My biggest complaint is the SAAS services we use are pretty crap, which means a lot of what should be easy to do turns out to be really tedious.

    Can’t really complain overall, but you know, it could be better.

  14. I’m a data analyst for an insurance company. I don’t like it, but I don’t hate it *most* of the time. I feel like I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing. I like communication to be explicit and written, so it can be difficult trying to figure out what people want when they just send over files with little context. I’m working on saving and investing in order to retire early, because while my job isn’t objectively bad most of the time, I don’t want to spend more time in the corporate world than I have to.

  15. I.T. here. More specifically, Windows Admin in critical infrastructure.

    On paper, I have about a dozen official duties. But I work for a small contractor and our client is obsessed with a program that we use to find and report vulnerabilities, so as time goes on, the other 11 responsibilities have slowly disappeared off the radar. Its frustrating for me because I learn things by doing them and we don’t do much of anything else, and on top of that, its extremely short-sighted on the part of the the client.

    $145k, 20 days PTO + 10 holidays. 20 minute commute with no highways or tolls. I’m comfortable and I can afford hobbies, but my personal/family life is a little bit of a struggle. Sometimes I come to the office to escape.

    Its not perfect but its way better than my previous jobs.

  16. Since this is askmen, I’ll answer for spouse from before he quit: he was fucking miserable at this last job. To be fair, the one before that he really enjoyed, and still was making way over 100k. It’s the people, honestly. The office idiots in the last job broke him.

    I also make over 100k but am a gal. Like it fine enough, nothing amazing, nothing bad.

  17. I work in product for a SaaS company; and it’s always a choice where you cannot win. Work on improving stability (reduce bugs in software) or work on new features (create value but also create more bugs). Also working with engineers is very stressful as they tend to have massive egos.

  18. I hate every second of my job. Long days. Tons of responsibility. Lots of people depending on me. Little measure of actual accomplishment. Zero satisfaction. And no ability to look back on a job well done. But they pay me so much that I do it for the life style it provides my family.

  19. You be surprised how much you like your job when it pays well. Even though it’s challenging and stressful.

    That being said. I am trying to retire as quickly as possible.

  20. It’s great. I get up every morning happy to go to work.

    The best advice that I can give is to find something that you like to do that pays well and has a career path. This might take a few tries for those in their 20’s. Don’t get sucked into the education and career path that women take. Their approach usually doesn’t work for men.

    Recreational hobbies do not usually qualify so give up on the idea of professional gaming or sports.

  21. I do programming. It’s pretty good — I started coding because I liked it and it was a hobby outside of my previous career (music). Then I switched to it full time and it’s still fun, but also actual work now so I don’t do any programming in my free time.

    I’ve been at my company a long time, though, and I sometimes question whether that’s a good career move. I get to basically do what I want with whatever tech I want, though, and they keep giving me more money and PTO. But generally programmers bounce around jobs a lot.

  22. Honestly I friggin love it. There are parts that are less fun, but I get to do something I like and am good at while getting a decent paycheck, so I ain’t gonna complain.

  23. Self employed sole proprietor, work the hours I want, when I want. No stress, no drama. I do commercial carpet & furniture maintenance in high rises for big oil companies. Inside, air Conditioned, no office politics, beautiful views, I absolutely love it.

  24. I love my job. I work for a huge company that pays well and has amazing benefits, but our division is very small and everyone in my department is really great to work with. I work long hours though, and that can be exhausting, but I work on average 199 days out of the year.

  25. Im a strategical analyst in a business that has been booming at the speed of a meteor.

    our company basically quadrupled in size in less then 2 years saw my salary doubling basically, nuts! but no complaints!
    love the company, there is great vision leadership and they do care a lot for their employers.
    work life balance is good and healthy

  26. My job is great. The work is interesting, my work life balance is great, I rarely have to work overtime, have a good amount of flexibility with hours and work a schedule where I get every other friday off. My work allows me to have crazy colored hair, my coworkers treat me well and I have a short commute.

    Downside is I hate the climate of the city I live in.

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