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This is to the men who don’t take pictures of themselves, why don’t you?

I don’t have any pictures of myself either I just asked to see what other people’s reasons were and I’m in the same boat

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  1. My arms are too short to take proper selfies. I also think selfies are kind of lame. Better question is “why aren’t my friends taking pictures of me?” Feel like my girl friends are always snapping shots of each other, but unless I’m in the group photo, no one photographs me.

  2. 1) I have resting asshole face and always look pissed off

    2) I don’t like being photographed, why do it to myself?

    3) I don’t need anyone to validate how I look except the mirror.

  3. I don’t like seeing my appearance in any shape or form, whether I see a reflection of myself or a picture of myself. I can’t stand it, I hate looking at myself, sometimes I just want to break a mirror or just avoid pictures at all costs.

  4. I don’t see a purpose in doing so. I’m not big on social media posting. For context, I’m 40. I didn’t grow up with it. I grew up riding my bike and running around with my mates all day outside without any cameras or phones. So in my adult life, I like to spend my free time cycling with my mates or being outdoors, and sure I’ll snap a photo of a particularly pretty scene but I’m usually not in it unless it’s a group shot or something.

  5. I have absolutely zero desire to plaster pictures of my face on the internet, and I highly doubt there’s anyone out there that’s wants to see it. I’m by no means whatsoever attractive and I don’t have or do anything interesting enough to take a picture of myself alongside with it.

  6. I feel it’s more of an extrovert stuff . They want to share their experience, have a topic to talk about. I am like ‘ I was literally there, I remember how it was like. Why would I want to see a photo again’

  7. I don’t assume people want to see selfies of me nonchalantly going about my daily tasks. Also when I’m out having fun, it feels weird to stop all of that fun for a picture.

  8. Well I was like that before I got a gf atleast but here’s my reasons.

    I dont like how I look.

    Waste of space on my phone

    I dont use social media, other than tiktok pls dont be mad at me I’m not shithead like most of them.
    But you make the videos on the platform.

    And tbh there just seems like no reason to have pictures of myself, why would I, I see myself in the mirror everyday.

  9. When I was younger and actually attractive my friends would take pictures for me and those were the ones I would share (this was just before phone cameras were available so you needed a friend with an ACTUAL camera) then my friends moved away or we drifted apart and I never replaced them, at the same time I got fat and depressive. Now when I attempt to take pictures of myself they come out incredibly sad and fake feeling so I don’t even try anymore

  10. I do take pictures of myself sometimes, and I used to do it a lot more in the past. But I never ever posted one on social media, nor will I. I honestly just don’t think it’s a good idea to share anything on social media, besides, I’m often reminded that the people who post a picture of themselves damn near every 20 minutes, are some of the most insufferable, annoying, narcissistic attention whores in existence.

  11. Just unnecessary and awkward, most photos people never look at again, now if it’s for an occasion like a birthday, then sure, but I’m not obsessed with my appearance enough to do all that work.

  12. There’s no point taking a picture of myself for it to just sit on my phone.
    I’m past the need for approval from other people so I don’t post pictures of myself on social media to get some sort of ego boost when people ‘like’ it.

    I’m also not in the online dating scene so I don’t really need to have a catalogue of pictures to try prove I’m worthy of somebody’s attention.

  13. I’ve never been a fan of selfies and shit. I’m content with my looks and happy to take a picture with mates and family but never understood why I have to take one of myself.

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